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eceee position on the EC July 2015 proposal for a revised Labelling Directive

(09 Sep 15)

eceee supports the European Commission proposal and recommends its implementation into formal legislation eceee considers the growing share of energy efficient products on the EU’s market to be a result of the energy labelling and ecodesign legislation, which is supported by manufacturers’ innovation, consumer awareness campaigns, and market surveillance activities.

eceee considers the new legislation proposal to be in line with the EU specific goals in the area of:

  • Improving the competitiveness of the EU economy,
  • Achieving the energy efficiency targets,
  • Protecting consumer rights, and
  • Protecting the environment.

    eceee particularly support and recommend to approve the following new aspects designed within the energy efficiency labelling legislation:

    1. A single energy labelling scale from ‘A to G’
    2. A digital database for new energy efficient products
    3. Continued support for market surveillance

    eceee position statement download

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