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The board of eceee

eceee is governed by a Board elected at the General Assembly by the organisation’s members. Each year a third of the Board is up for election and Board members are elected for a three-year term. According to the bylaws 1/2 of the Board must consist of organisational members. The Board can have a maximum of 12 members. organisational members may have an alternate and there is one alternate for all individual Board members.

The President of eceee is Peter Bach from the Danish Energy Agency. Agneta Persson, WSP, Sweden and Joanne Wade, UKACE are vice Presidents.

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Board members from member organisations

Peter Bach, Danish Energy Agency, Denmark (President)
Andreas K. Enge, Enova, Norway
Isabelle Vincent, French Agency for Environment and Energy, ADEME, France
Andrea Roscetti, Kyoto Club, Italy
Barbara Schlomann, Fraunhofer Institute, Germany
Adrian Joyce, EuroACE, Pan-European organisation, Brussels-based
Cédric Jeanneret, SIG, Switzerland

Individual eceee members in the board

Agneta Persson, WSP Sweden, (vice President)
Fiona Hall, Advisor to Rockwool International
Brian Motherway, IEA, France
Julia Reinaud, i24c (Industrial Innovation for Competitiveness) (France)
Joanne Wade, ACE (UK), vice-President

Alternate for individual eceee members in the board

Julian Popov, Independent

Alternates for organisational members

Clemens Rohde, Fraunhofer Institute, Germany (alternate for Barbara Schlomann)
Didier Bosseboeuf, Ademe, France (alternate for Isabelle Vincent)

The Executive Director Nils Borg is not a board member, but participates in all board meetings and serves as the board's secretary.