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UK to give £60m to developing countries to build CCS plants

(The Guardian, 25 Apr 12) Boost to carbon capture and storage technology as global partnership is formed to support energy efficiency projects.

The UK will provide £60m to developing countries to build carbon capture and storage (CCS) plants under an agreement reached among energy ministers from 23 countries at a meeting in London on Thursday.

The money will go towards demonstrating the crucial but fledgling technology, which involves burying carbon emissions from fossil fuel power stations, but has yet to be used at a large power station.

The ministers also formed a partnership to foster collaboration between the public and private sectors in 16 of the world's biggest emitting countries. It will work on improving the efficiency of electrical appliances, such as air conditioning and lighting.

The Guardian, 25 Apr 12: UK to give £60m to developing countries to build CCS plants

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