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Efficiency law could 'triple' energy services market

(EurActiv.com, 04 Jun 12) The EU's upcoming energy efficiency directive could send strong enough signals to jump-start the market in energy services for commercial buildings, industry experts told EurActiv.

The draft bill contains the strongest incentives to date for triggering a boom in the market for energy efficiency services, according to a number of experts working in the field.

In its current form, the draft directive requires central governments to achieve a 3% renovation rate for the buildings they occupy, on a yearly basis. It also imposes an obligation on power utilities to achieve 1.5% annual energy savings among their final customers - including large commercial and public building owners.

As a result, power companies are expected to change their business model by seeking profitability in selling energy services rather than supplying energy only.

EurActiv.com, 04 Jun 12: Efficiency law could 'triple' energy services market

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