eceee Summer Study 2015 paper wins 1st prize at the 2020 Global Climate Challenge

(eceee news, 10 Nov 2015) A paper entitled "Residential buildings as expanded territory for ESCOs" presented at the 2015 Summer Study by a group of Portuguese authors was awarded 1st prize in the category “Urban Services and the Connected City" of the 2020 Global Climate Challenge. The award thus takes exploratory theory towards practice.

The international competition, intended for universities, is organised by Vinci, a large player also in the ESCO business.

The paper, originally presented at the Summer Study, was developed under the title “Common Efficacy”. The authors point to the encouraging fact that their exploratory paper was recognized by the panel leaders and enriched by the comments of the session participants. As a result the upgraded version was validated by the industry, a key factor to getting their concepts implemented.

More info and a brief 4mn video on the proposal in ResearchGate:

(No need to sign in, but ResearchGate  does not preview video files yet: please scroll down and press download (73.37Mb) to watch the “Common Efficacy” proposal video.

The original paper is available at the eceee proceedings site and has been made available for public download without the need for a valid eceee membership.