Humans cause up to 70 per cent of sea ice loss

(Eco Business, 20 Mar 2017) Research into natural causes of summer loss of Arctic sea ice reveals human responsibility for drastic changes to the region’s ecology.

Scientists have calculated that at least 30 per cent and perhaps one half of the decline in Arctic summer sea ice could be attributed to natural causes – changes of ocean and atmospheric circulation that happen according to some long-term cycle.

And that means humans can be held responsible for at least 50 per cent and up to 70 per cent of a pattern of decline that could devastate Arctic ecology, and accelerate climate change in the temperate and tropical zones.

The new research does not mean that global warming or the retreat of the glaciers is a natural phenomenon. In fact, it clears up a long-standing uncertainty: just how much global warming − driven by prodigal human combustion of fossil fuels − is changing the rhythms of life in one zone of the planet.

Eco Business, 20 Mar 2017: Humans cause up to 70 per cent of sea ice loss