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Ecodesign horizontal matters

The European Commission has initiated a number of discussions and studies for the effectiveness and planning of the Ecodesign and Energy Labelling Directives ("horizontal matters"). Consultation Forum on horizontal matters was held 5 May 2014.

Consultation Forum 5 May 2014

Topics discussed 5 May:

    • Market surveillance update
    • Latest development on MEErP
    • Working Plan 2015-2017
    • Omnibus review process (ENER - domestic refrigeration products, washing machines, dishwashers, washer dryers, simple set-top boxes and water pumps)
    • Lighting products (ENER)
    • Non-household washing machines, driers and dishwashers (ENER Lot 24) – conclusions from written consultation on standardisation and suggested way forward
    • Thermal insulation (ENER Lot 36) – conclusions from exploratory study and suggested way forward
    • Power generating equipment (ENER Lot 35) - conclusions from scoping study and suggested way forward
    • Compressors (ENER Lot 31) - conclusions from draft preparatory study and suggested way forward
    • Update on motors and pumps (ENER Lot 28 to 30)
    • Steam boilers (ENTR Lot 7), power cables (ENTR Lot 8), enterprise servers (ENTR Lot 9) and other ENTR products
    • Taps and showers (ENV)
    • Window products (ENER Lot 32)
    • Other on-going issues (tolerances, etc)



      Key documents

      5 May 2014 Consultation forum

      Note on thermal insulation, lot 36 (docx)
      Note on power generating equipment, lot 35, (docx)
      Note on compressors, lot 31(docx)
      WD lighting products (docx)
      WD lot 24 (docx)
      WD review existing measures (docx)
      WD Special motors, lot 30 (docx)
      WD lot 28 & 29 (docx)
      WD Professional wet appliances, lot 24 (docx)

      1 March 2013 Consultation Forum

      Draft agenda (pdf)

      Guidelines on self-regulation measures (pdf)

      19 April 2012 Consultation Forum

      draft agenda (pdf)

      Presentation agenda p.2 (pdf)
      Presentation agenda p.4 (pdf)
      WD agenda p.3 (doc)
      Overview future requirements (pdf)
      Presentation review of the ecodesign directive (pdf)
      Product label research (pdf)


      Member States:

      DE on Top performing products (pdf)
      NL on challenges (pdf), earlier version (pdf)

      Industry & Trade

      ORGALIME (pdf)
      CECED (pdf)
      CEN-CENELEC (pdf)

      NGO & Consumers:

      ENGO (pdf)
      ECOS (pdf)
      ANEC-BEUC (pdf)