Horizontal matters

The European Commission has initiated a number of discussions and studies for the effectiveness and planning of the Ecodesign and Energy Labelling Directives.

The Ecodesign Working Plan is in the process of being approved. The Commission’s Circular Economy package was adopted in December 2015. Horizontal matters also include Market Surveillance and tolerances in the ecodesign and labelling regulations.

Consultation Forum on horizontal matters was held 29 April 2015.



Key documents

29 April 2015 Consultation forum Discussion paper (doc)
5 May 2014 Consultation forum

Note on thermal insulation, lot 36 (docx).
Note on power generating equipment, lot 35, (docx)
Note on compressors, lot 31(docx)
WD lighting products (docx)
WD lot 24 (docx)WD review existing measures (docx)
WD Special motors, lot 30 (docx)
WD lot 28 & 29 (docx)
WD Professional wet appliances, lot 24 (docx)

1 March 2013 Consultation Forum

Draft agenda (pdf)

Guidelines on self-regulation measures (pdf)

19 April 2012 Consultation Forum

draft agenda (pdf)

Presentation agenda p.2 (pdf)
Presentation agenda p.4 (pdf)
WD agenda p.3 (doc)
Overview future requirements (pdf)
Presentation review of the ecodesign directive (pdf)
Product label research (pdf)


Member States:

DE on Top performing products (pdf)
NL on challenges (pdf), earlier version (pdf)

Industry & Trade

CECED (pdf)

NGO & Consumers:

ENGO (pdf)
ECOS (pdf)