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Solutions workshop: Steam Up

Energy Efficiency in industry – New developments:remarkable results (hosted by Steam Up)

New developments enable todays industry to incorporate energy efficiency into their operating routine. Examples are: ISO50001, knowledge on how to bring about changes in behaviour and culture, including non-energy benefits to develop valid business cases and obtain the attention and commitment from top-level management.

The purpose of this workshop is to confront the audience of energy efficiency policy makers, businesses and experts with these developments to speed up the use of new knowledge and experiences and thus increase energy efficiency in industry intensive businesses.

Programme (pdf)

Session I
Setting the scene: Energy Efficiency in industry: Policy and Practice


  • STEAM-UP: Added Value for realising European Objectives for Energy Efficiency International Energy Experts, Michiel Steerneman. See presentation (pdf)
  • Drivers, Barriers and Instruments for Energy Efficiency in Industry
    Netherlands Enterprise Agency, Ronald Vermeeren. See presentation (pdf)
  • Discussion and Debate


Session II Interventions for Energy Efficiency Improvements in Industry


  • Organizational cultures and behaviours, Université de Genève, Catherine Cooremans. See presentation (pdf)
  • Enabling Energy Efficient Decision Making: Non-Energy Benefits, Culture and Behaviour, AURA, Erik Gudbjerg. See presentation (pdf)
  • Training major stakeholders in making Energy Efficiency a Business Routine, ESCAN, Francisco Puente. See presentation (pdf)
  • Discussion and Debate

16:00 End of workshop