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Panel 2. Commercial Technologies and Buildings

Alternative strategies for artificial lighting using electronic ballast
Antonio Almeida, A. Gomes Martins, Paulo Rodrigues, and Eliseu Ribeiro, Instituto de Engenharia de Sistemas e Computadores, Portugal

The Norwegian heat pump prototype and demonstration program
Magne Amundsen and Elisabeth Hofgaard Lycke, The Norwegian Water Resource and Energy Administration
Geir Eggen and Tor Lystad, SINTEF Refrigeration Engineering

The Triple-E-House: Energy-efficient, economical, ecological
Robert Borsch-Laaks, Center for Energy and Environment
Ralf Pohlman, Independent architect

Tele-monitoring of solar thermal passive and active designs
Roberto Colombo, Commission of the European Communities

A prototype expert system for large scale energy auditing in buildings
Flavio Conti and George Helcke, Commission of the European Communities
Bruno Caudana and Roberto Pagani, Softech

Trends in energy efficiency in office technology: Case studies from Europe and the United States
Cyane B. Dandridge and Jacues Roturier, University of Bordeaux, France
Bernard Aebischer, Eidenossische Technische Hochschule, Switzerland
Olof Molinder, NUTEK, Sweden

Mexico's residential sector: Main electric end-uses and savings potential
Rafael A. Friedmann, University of California, USA

Energy conservation in district-heated building
Leif Gustavsson

Potential for governmental policies to improve US lighting energy efficiency in commercial and residential buildings
James E. McMahon, Barbara A. Atkinson, and Evan Mills, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, USA

Energy-Efficient Windows: Technology procurement helps manufacturers and market meet
Agneta Persson, AIB Installationskonsult AB, Sweden

New developments in French cooking appliances: Professional and domestic cooling
Jaques Pistien, Gaz de France

Effective use of energy in building sector in the Baltic States
Anne Rasmussen, IABPO, Germany

Energy-efficient ventilation systems: Mechanical ventilation for apartment buildings in Sweden
Eje Sandberg, AIB Installationskonsult AB, Sweden

Electronic Home Equipment - Leaking electricity
Eje Sandberg, AIB Installationskonsult AB

Dynamics of energy efficiency in Sweden buildings
Joel N. Swisher, Lund University, Sweden
Claes Hedenström, Vattenfall AB, Sweden
Anders Lewald, NUTEK, Sweden

Energy & Information
Max F.A. Welling and Peter G. Visser, nv Energiebedrijf IJsselmij, Holland

Electricity savings from the retrofitting of ventilation systems in
Per Wickman and Herman Hallstedt, AIB Installationskonsult AB, Sweden

Efficiency standards in EC and Europe
Vibeke Østergaard and Sietze van der Sluis, Group for Efficeint Appliances