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Panel 3. Human Dimensions of Energy-Use and Conservation

A search cost approach to energy efficiency barriers
Bo Andersson, Stockholm School of Economics

Billing feedback as means to encourage household electricity conservation: A field experiment in Helsinki
Anne Arvola, Antti Uutela, and Ulla Anttila, University of Helsinki, Department of Socila Psychology

A study of the transaction costs for energy investments in the residential sector
Olof Björkqvist and Clas-Otto Wene, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden

The energy consumption surveys of the Department of Energy: tools for understanding energy use and energy efficiency
Lynda T. Carlson, US Department of Energy

The role of public power utilities in promoting customer energy efficeincy: Examples from the United States
Joseph H. Eto and Charles A. Goldman, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, USA

Electricity audits in large industrial companies
Henning Hansen and Mikael Togeby, AKF, Denmark

Fuel poverty and energy efficiency
Shiela Keating, Neighborhood Energy Action, UK

Replacement of old freezers: Economic evaluation of a campaign
Anders Larsen, AKF; Denmark

Overcoming barriers to residential energy-efficient lighting: Results of research for The Lighting Pattern Book for Homes
Russell P. Leslie and Kathryn M. Conway, Rensselaer Polytechnik Institute, USA

The everyday energy use and life-style of families in singel-family houses in Finland
Heide M. J. Melasniemi-Uutela, Statistics Finland

Energy efficiency and the choice of appliances
Johanna K. Moisander and Pirkko A. Kasanen, University of Helsinki

Total consumption of Finnish household
Juha Nurmela, Statistics Finland

Espanola community-based energy conservation: Results to date
Vicky J. Sharp, Peter D'Angelo, and Wayne Ruhnke, Ontario Hydro, Canada

Decision-making and energy conservation
Christina Svalstedt, Vattenfall AB, Sweden

Evaluation model for customer contact
Christina Svalstedt, Vattenfall AB, Sweden

Dutch utilities in environmental action with energy certificate
Gerbrand H. P. Wijers, Association of the Dutch Energy Distribution Companies, Holland