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Panel 3: Market Transformation: Innovation, Development and Dissemination

Fossil-fuel conversion and improved energy efficiency made quick, affordable and reliable in the Baltic states
Hans Nilsson and Stefan Camitz, Dept. of Energy Efficiency, NUTEK, Sweden

Study on efficient washing machines, dishwashers and driers
Ruud Trines, NOVEM

Energy efficient windows' impact on indoor climate and building economy
Diana Avasoo, Pilkington Floatglas AB, Sweden

Domestic appliances - energy and economy
Adolf Gross, Manfred Sakulin, and Peter Sattler, Institute for Electrical Power Systems, Technical University of Graz

Gaps, Barriers and Conceptual Chasms: Theories of Technology Transfer and Energy in Buildings
Elizabeth Shove, University of Sunderland

Quantifying Market Transformation: The Case of Technology Procurement of Refrigerator-Freezers
Francis X. Johnson, Energy & Environment Division, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, USA
Randall Bowie, NUTEK; Sweden

Energy Labelling: A Comparison of Existing Programs
Nancy Casey-McCabe and Jeffrey P. Harris, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, Energy & Environment Division

Government Procurement Collaboratives: Creating and Transforming Markets
Aimee T. McKane, Jeffrey P. Harris, and Nancy Casey-McCabe, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory

Market Transformation the Right Way: Innovative Programs Deliver Buildings that Work
Nancy Benner and Diana Bjornskov, Portland Energy Conservation Inc.
Tracy Narel, US Environmental Protection Agency

Energy Conservation Investment Behaviour of Firms: Business as Usual?
Jacco Farla and Kornelis Blok, Dept. of Science, Technology and Society, Utrecht University

Low-Energy Water-Based Air-conditioning system
Tuomas Laine, Olof Granlund Oy
Jorma Pekkinen, Halton Oy

The relative importance of technical and behavioural trends in electricity consumption by domestic appliances
Mark J. Hinnels and Kevin B. Lane, Environmental Change Unit, University of Oxford

Energy Partnership: Comprehensive US Federal Programs
David A. Kovner, Peter S. Fox-Penner, Arthur H. Rosenfeld, and Louis V. Divone, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, US Dept. of Energy

Equity, innovation and the role of local governments: the case of Rural Electrification in France
Michel Colombier, International Conseil Energie, France

Demand-Side Management at a Crossroads: Is There a Future for Electricity End-Use Efficiency in the United States?
Howard S. Geller, Steven M. Nadel, and Miriam E. Pye, ACEEE

Improving household energy efficiency in the new South Africa
Steve Thorne, Energy Efficiency and Environment Programme, Energy for Development Research Centre, University of Cape Town

Good and Energy - Efficient Office Lighting in Sweden - an example of successful market transformation
Peter Pertola, PELK, Sweden
Lotta Bångens, Aton Teknik Konsult

From the Lab to the Marketplace: Government's Role in R & D and Market Transformation for Energy Efficiency in Buildings
Evan Mills, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory