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Panel 4: Human Dimensions

Energy and Lifestyle: A Comparative Analysis
Christer Palmborg, Stockholm University

A Cross-A cross-cultural analysis of household energy-use behavior in Japan and Norway
Harold Wilhite, Ressurskonsult, Oslo and Jyukankyo Research Institute, Tokyo
Hidetoshi Nakagami, Takashi Masuda and Yukiko Yamaga and Jyukankyo Research Institute, Tokyo
Hiroshi Hanada, Kyushu Electric Power Co. Inc.

A reduction in the indirect energy requirement of households
Kees Vringer, José Potting, and Kornelis Blok, Department of Science, Technology and Society, Utrecht University
Rixt Kok, Centre for Energy and Environmental Studies, State University of Groningen

People as the Main Influence on Real Energy Consumption
Peter Sattler, M. Sakulin, E. Schmautzer, A. Gross, and W. Schöffer, Institute of Electrical Power Systems, University of Technology Graz, Austria

Consumers' pro-environmental attitudes and their use of public transportation
Johanna K. Moisander, Helsinki School of Economics and Business Administration

Conservation agreements with households: DSM taken a step further
Anne-K. Arvola and Pirkko A. Kasanen, University of Helsinki, Dept. of Social Psychology

Human dimensions Methods for examining the effect of structural factors on the energy consumption of Finnish households up to the year 2015
Juha Nurmela, Statistics Finland

Coming in from the cold: The challenge of providing affordable comfort in Central and Eastern Europe
Lee J. Schipper, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory

Assessing the Impact of Social-Cultural and Social-Economic Trends on the Total Energy Requirement of Households
Karla F. B. de Paauw and Adriaan H. Perrels, Netherlands Energy Research Foundation

Energy Conservation and Public Opinion in Finland
Antti Ruuskanen, Imatran Voima Oy

Quantifying Human Behavior
Veronica J. Strang and Kevin B. Lane, Environmental Change Unit, University of Oxford

Energy concerns and the choise of dwelling
Margarethe Aune and Knut H. Sørensen, Centre for Technology and Society, University of Trondheim
Hilde Lysne, SINTEF

Modelling human behavior for policy decisions
M. Beeldman and J.M. Bais

Policies for spreading efficient technologies in the field of mass market appliances stakes and methods
Philippe Menanteau and Hervé Lefebvre, Institut d'Economie et de Politique de l'Energie, France

Some Social Aspects of the Energy-Efficient Lighting in Poland
Janusz Okólski, Research and Development Centre Poland

Efficient technology in an inefficient economy
Jørgen S. Nørgård, Technical University of Denmark