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Panel 5: Energy Policy for a Sustainable Environment

Dynamics of energy-efficient technology for commercial buildings in Sweden: how much can really be achived and how fast?
Lena A. Christiansson, Lund University
Joel N. Swisher, UNEP Collaborationg Centre, Risö National Lab

Sustainability and Renewables in the Energy Sector
Anders Larsen, AKF, Denmark
Jørgen Birk Mortensen, University of Copenhagen

Energy Policies and Environment, between the Risks of Nuclear and Greenhouse Effect
Anne Rialhe, Institut d'Evalution des Stratégies sur l'Energie et l'Environnement en Europe

Structural Changes in Energy System - Key-Factors in Reducing Environmental Burden
Martti Kätkä, Imatran Voima Oy

Energy saving and modern society
Eero Tanskanen, Statistics Finland

Modelling technological change and energy demand in economies in transition
Matthew A. Leach and Nigel J. D. Lucas, Centre for Environmental Technology, Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine

Policy failure in the introduction of renewable energy: wind power in the Netherlands
Maarten Wolsink, University of Amsterdam; Department of Environmental Science

Long term energy efficiency improvements in the iron and steel industry
Jeroen G. de Beer, K. Blok, and E. Worrell, Department of Science, Technology and Society, Utrecht University

New Approaches in Municipal Energy Planning. An Action-Orientated Program with a Collaborative Approach in the City of Graz, Austria
Boris Papousek and Stefan Kirchpal, Energievertungsagentur
Karl-Heinz Lesch, Department of Environmental Protection, Municipality of Graz

Factors Influencing the Beginning of Municipal Government Policy towards Climate Protection
Willi Herbert and Katja Barzantny, Forschungsgesellschaft für umweltschonende Energieumwandlung und -nutzung mbH

Introduction of the energy parameter in the master plan of a large European town
Federico Butera, Politecnico di Milano
Francesco Mereu, Palermo Municipality
Giorgio Schultze, Instituto Ambiente Italia
Gianni Silverstrini, Ieren, National Research Council, Palermo

Towards a Sustainable Energy Policy in Sweden
Sven-Olof Olsson, Halmstad University

Sustainable Energy Use: the Analysis of Mégères, a French Applied General Equilibrium Model
Olivier Beaumais, Université de Rouen and ERASME
Katheline Schubert, Université de Paris I and ERASME

Energy and environment of Lithuania
Vytautas Guzys, Ministry of Energy, Energy Agency of Lithuania

Urban transport policies: Energy and Environmental inplications tha Asian experience
Romeo Pacudan, Institut d'Economie et de Politique de l'Energie (IEPE), France

Energy Conservation Potential in the Housing and in the Industrial Sectors in France: What is the Real Potential
Didier Bossebouef and Cécile Richards, Ademe

System effects of the subsidy regime for a wind power in Sweden and Denmark
Peter Helby, Department of Environmental and Energy Systems Studies, University of Lund

Sustained Development and Modernisation of the Administration Exemplified by the Schleswig-Holstein Energy Foundation
Holger Krawinkel, Schleswig-Holstein Energy Foundation

Mobilizing energy efficiency: Energy prices versus non price instruments
Florentin Krause, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory