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Panel 2: Incentives and instruments to achive greater

Measuring Market Transformation
Heini-Marja Suvilehto, Tea Alopaeus Sandberg, Hans Nilsson, and Agneta Persson, Department of Energy Efficiency, NUTEK

European union efforts to promote more efficient appliances private
Paolo Bertoldi and Randall Bowie, European Commission, Directorate General for Energy

Stakeholders And Market Transformation: An Integrated Analysis Of Costs And Benefits
Mark Hinnells, Environmental Change Unit, University of Oxford
James E. McMahon, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, California

Perspectives for Establishing an ESCO in Estonia
Aarne Leisalu, AS Estivo, Estonia

Some Results and Proposition from a French. Experiment with Energy Labelling
Michel Colombier, (ICE)
Philippe Menanteau, (IEPE)

Impact Evaluation of the UK's Energy Efficienct Best Practice Programme for Buildings
Susan P. Boyle, BRECSU, Building Research Establishment

Cost and gain assessment tool for high performance windows
J. Nieminen, VTT - Building Technology
P. Kasanen, PEK Konsultointi
A. Poel and G.P.M. van Cruchten, Damen Consultants Arnhem BV

Improving the Efficiency of Domestic Electric Water Heaters: Past Experiences and Future Prospects
Matthieu Orphelin and Jérôme Adnot, Centre d'Energétique de l'Ecole des Mines de Paris
Paul Waide, PW Consulting
Herbert Lechner, Energieverwertungsagentur
Cornelia Kawann and Manfred Sakulin, Institute of Electric Power Systems, Technical University Graz

Capacity building through practical training programmes
Trond Dahlsveen, ENSIÙ - Energy Saving International AS

A Preliminary Analysis of the Dutch Voluntary on Energy Efficiency Improvement
Ewald Korevaar, Jacco Farla, Kornelis Blok, and Kaat Schulte Fischedick, Dept. of Science, Technology and Society, Utrecht University, The Netherlands

New experimental electricity tariff systems for houshold end use
Maarten Wolsink, Department of Environmental Science, University of Amsterdam

Energy Saving Activities in the City of Helsinki
Risto Kosonen, VTT Building Technology
Ulla Soitinaho, Helsinki Energy Management Agency

Residential Energy Demand in Austria and Resulting Effective Energy Policy Strategies
Reinhard Haas and Peter Biermayr, Vienna University of Technology, Institute of Energy Economics

Cold Labelling - the UK Experience of Energy Labels
Brenda Boardman, Environmental Change Unit, University of Oxford

Co-operative Procurement of Innovative Copiers
Bernard Aebischer, Energy Analysis Research Group, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich)

What can be done to the Barriers for Extensive Use of Energy Saving Lamps
Casper Kofod, DEFU (Research Association of Danish Electric Utilities)

Guidelines for the Conduct of Monitoring Campaigns: a Technology and Behavioural Approach
Carlos Lopes, Centro para a Conservação de Energia
Paul Waide, PW Consulting
Olivier Siddler, Cabinet Siddler
Benoît Lebot, Agence de l'Environnement et de la Maîtrise de l'Energie

The Restructing of the Italian Electricity Sector: Proposals for the Inclusion of Objectives for Increased Energy Efficiency and Renewables Exploitation
Lorenzo Pagliano, Gruppo di Fisica Tecnica Ambientale, Dipartimento di Energetica, Politecnico di Milano
Joseph Hiroshi Eto, Utility Policy and Planning Group, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, CA
Roberto Caponio, Istituto di Ricerche Ambiente Italia

Tracking Appliance Energy Efficiency Trends in Australia
Lloyd Harrington, Energy Efficient Strategies, Australia

Demand Side Management in rural areas in France
Jean-Pierre Tabet, ADEME (Agency for Environment and Energy Management), FRANCE
Christophe de Gouvello, CIRED / CNRS (National Center for Scientifical Research), FRANCE

Legal and Regulatory Barriers to Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection
Diana Avasoo, Pilkington Floatglas AB

A comparison between what France has done over the past 20 years and what is currently being done in the Czech Republic
Catherine Vallee, Energy Economist, France
Martin Dasek, Project Manager, SEVEn, Czech Republic

The Costs and Benefits of Policies for Efficient Use of Electricity: Improved Estimates of per-kWh Costs, and potential Cumulative Cost Savings for Western European Electricity Users
Florentin Krause, International Project for Sustainable Energy Paths (IPSEP)
David Olivier, Energy Advisory Associates
Jonathan Koomey, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Evaluation of the swedish programme for energy efficiency - successful examples of market transformation through technology procurement

Electricity Saving Fund
Annette Gydesen, Hans Göran Wilke, and Holger Christensen, Danish Energy Agency

Energy Efficiency as a Commodity: the Emergence of a Secondary market for Efficiency Savings in Commercial Buildings
Gregory H. Kats, Arthur H. Rosenfeld, and Scott A. McGaraghan, U.S. Department of Energy