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Panel 5: Energy efficiency in transport

Passenger Transport and Lifestyle in the 21th Century
Karla F.B. de Paauw and Erna Schol, Netherlands Energy Research Foundation (ECN)

"People on the Move": Human Factors and Carbon-Dioxide in Industrialized Countries
Lee Schipper, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory

Energy Efficiency in Grocery Distribution in Denmark - 1960 to the Present
Kaj Jørgensen, Technical University of Denmark Department of Buildings and Energy

The Privatisation of Transport: a Case-Study of Two Rural Villages
Dr. Amanda Root, University of Oxford, UK.

The effect of the oil price countershock on energy efficiency in transport
Dr. Didier Bosseboeuf and Cécile Richard, French Agency for the Environment and Energy Management (ADEME) with the collaboration of Enerdata s.a. (Grenoble, France)

Modern Windship
Jens V. Bloch, Steen Nielsen, Pelmatic Knud E. Hansen, and Kennet M. Larsen, Danish Energy Agency

The Swedish EV-procurement project, tests of the 20 pre series vehicles and the purchase of the main series
Anders Lewald, Swedish National Board for Industrial and Technical Development