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Panel 2: Technologies and Products (innovation, marketing, market transformation)

Preliminary results on European investigations about Room Air Conditioners efficiency
J. Adnot, C. Carretero, D. Marchio, and M. Orpehlin, Centre d'Energétique, Ecole des Mines de Paris
P. Waide, PW Consulting

One Watt Initiative: a Global Effort to Reduce Leaking Electricity
Alan Meier, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Benoît Lebot, International Energy Agency

Bringing lighting out of the policy darkness
Dr. Brenda Boardman, Environmental Change Unit, University of Oxford, UK

Results and Possible Dissemination of the Polish Efficient Lighting Project - the DSM Pilot
Adam Gula, University of Mining and Metallurgy and Polish Foundation for Energy Efficiency, Poland
Zbigniew Hanzelka, University of Mining and Metallurgy, Poland
Marc Ledbetter, Battelle Memorial Institute, Portland, Oregon, USA
Rob Pratt, Battelle Memorial Institute, Richland, Washington, USA
Pawel Rudzki, Polish Foundation for Energy Efficiency, Poland

The European labelling scheme for cold appliances
Pernille Schiellerup and John Winward, Environmental Change Unit, University of Oxford

The IFC/GEF Poland Efficient Lighting Project(PELP): Evaluation Results and Next steps
Sabrina Birner, June Consulting
Christopher Granda, Ecos Consulting

Creation and transformation of energy service markets The important role of external agents for stimulation of energy efficiency activities in non-energy intensive target groups
Kora Kristof and Stephan Ramesohl, Wupertal Institute for Climate Environment Energy GmbH

DSM Bidding in Competive Markets
Katrin Kalkühler, Stadtwerke Düsseldorf AG, Germany
Stefan Thomas and Wolfgan Irrek, Wuppertal Institute for Climate Environment Energy GmbH

Evaluation of Swedish market transformation programmes
Lena Neij, Department of Energy and Environmental Energy Systems Studies, Lund University

Transforming the Ukrainian Market for Industrial Energy Efficiency
Meredydd Evans and Sriram Somasundaram, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

The Insurance and Risk Management Industries: New Players in the Delivery of Energy-efficient Products and Services
Evan Mills, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Graphical Displayers and Comparative Energy Information: What Do People Understand and Prefer
Christiane Egan, American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy

Renewable energy and efficiency improvments in the transport sector
Kaj Jorgensen, Technical University of Denmark

New domestic lighting technologies, consumer appeal first
Marco Kavelaars, Novem

Electricity Demand on a University Campus in the framework of the ECOCAMPUS collaboration: Case-study from the University of Bordeaux 1
Patrick Faucher, Jean-Francois Bonnet, Christophe Devel, and Jacques Roturier, University of Bordeaux

Regional networks for marketing and diffusion of energy services and energy management systems in competitive energy markets
Rolf Schwarze, Pesag AG Paderborn
Stephan Ramesohl, Wuppertal Institute for Climate Environment Energy

Complex method for regulation of air-technogenic influence from energy park enterprises in St:Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast
Antonia Shepeleva and Svetlana Bykadorova, St:Petersburg Scientific-Research Center for Ecological Safety