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Panel 5: Land use,Transportation and infrastructure (urban and regional planning, approaches to change in well entrenched systems)

Influencing Travel Decisions using In-car Feedback
Ian T. Byrne, WS Atkins plc.
Margaret M. O'Mahony and Brian M. Broderick, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

The relevance of indirect environmental impacts from transport for energy policies
Sandra Bos, Netherlands Energy Research Foundation ECN

Evaluating an Urban Clear Zone: Case Study Bristol
Jo Baker, Transport & Travel Research (TTR)

Mobility in the Climate Protection Programme Vienna - Trying to bring about social change through broad participation
Stephan Fickl, Energieverwertungsagentur, Austrian Energy Agency

Energy Efficiency of Passenger Cars: Labelling and its Impact on Fuel Efficiency and CO2-Reduction
Wilfried Raimund, Energieverwertungsagentur, Austrian Energy Agency

How can Liberalisation of Transport Contribute to Sustainability
Adriaan Perrels, TNO Inro

Mobility Management - A New Approach to Transport Planning
Ruth Bradshaw, Transport Studies Group, University of Westminister

More Motion, More Speed, More Emissions: Will Increases in Carbon Emissions from Transport in IEA Countries Turn Around?
Lee Schipper, Céline Lilliu, and Michael Landwehr, International Energy Agency

Policies designed to halt activity dispersal, reduce car dependence, and meet sustainability targets
Simon Edwards and Mike Bell, Transport Operations Research Group, University of Newcastle Upon Tyne

Rural Transport Policy and Equity
Brenda Boardman, Environmental Change Unit

Transportation in Transition Economies: a Key to Carbon Management
Meredydd Evans, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory