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Panel 1. Strategies and integrated policies

Panel leaders: Thomas Guéret, Matthew Leach

PEEREA's role in energy efficiency policy making and delivery in a pan European perspective
Tudor Constantinescu, Energy Charter Secretariat
Rod Janssen, Energy Consultant
Lene Nielsen, Danish Energy Authority

The contribution of energy efficiency to global energy services: the role of policy measures
Paul Waide, Rick Bradley, Alan Meier, Matt Oravetz, Satoshi Tanishima, and Fridtjof Unander, International Energy Agency

Short-term objectives and direct impacts versus long-term energy efficiency: A case study of Norway's energy agency model
Håvard Solem, Andreas Krüger Enge, and Anita Eide, Enova SF

Energy efficiency in the UK Energy White Paper – How did it get a central role?
Nick Eyre and Dan Staniaszek, Energy Saving Trust

Local EE and DSM activities in France
Jean-Sébastien Broc, Ecole des Mines de Nantes (DSEE)
Bernard Bourges, Ecole des Mines de Nantes (DSEE)
Jérôme Adnot, Ecole des Mines de Paris
Sandrine Hartmann, Electricité de France

Helping low income customers through energy utility trusts - Does it work?
Eoin Lees, Eoin Lees Energy & Chair EDF Energy Trust

The Efficiency Utility: A Model for Replication
L. Blair Hamilton, Efficiency Vermont
Michael Dworkin, Vermont Public Service Board
Beth Sachs, Vermont Energy Investment Corporation

The "European Energy Award" for sustainable communities
Michael Stenitzer and Margot Grim, E.V.A. - the Austrian Energy Agency

Development of multicriteria models to classify energy efficiency alternatives
Luís Pires Neves, Carlos Henggeler Antunes, Luís Cândido Dias, and António Gomes Martins, University of Coimbra and INESC Coimbra

New governance imperatives for energy planning in liberalised European markets?
Hélène Connor, Robert Gould, Christophe Rynikiewicz, and Rod Janssen, HELIO International

The programme should work, but will the stakeholders deliver?
Jacky Pett and Pedro Guertler, Association for the Conservation of Energy

A partnership approach to local energy management between European and Asian cities
Peter Webber, Manuel Pardo, and Don Lack, Leicester Energy Agency
Vasco Ferreira and Luis Castanheira, ENERGAIA

The myths of technology and efficiency: A few thoughts for a sustainable energy future
Benoit Lebot, United Nation Development Programme
Paolo Bertoldi, European Commission
Mithra Moezzi, Ecole des Mines de Paris
Anita Eide, Enova SF

Under-use of body energy and over-use of external energy
Jorgen Stig Norgard, Technical University of Denmark

Promoting the development of sustainable energy at the local level: the role of community participation
Bryony Mathie and Joanne Wade, Impetus Consulting

Regionalisation: opportunity or barrier?
Zoltan Zavody, Energy Saving Trust

Matrices of interaction between policy measures on household energy efficiency in EU-countries
P.G.M. Boonekamp, ECN

Will there be an Energy Efficiency Fund in Germany?
Stefan Thomas and Wolfgang Irrek, Wuppertal Institute for Climate Environment Energy

Use of online measurement data for electricity savings in Denmark
Peter Karbo, Danish Electricity Saving Trust
Troels Fjordbak Larsen, IT Energy ApS

Energy Efficiency as a key element of the EU's Post-Kyoto Strategy - Results of an Integrated Scenario Analysis
Stefan Lechtenböhmer, Vanessa Grimm, Dirk Mitze, and Matthias Wissner, Wuppertal Institute for Climate Energy Environment

A tangled web: assessing overlaps between energy and environmental policy instruments in place along electricity systems
Sofia Simões, CML-Leiden University and DCEA-New University of Lisbon
Gjalt Huppes, CML-Leiden University
Júlia Seixas, DCEA-New University of Lisbon

Climate Landscapes® – local and regional policy making for sustainability
Jan Schouw, CEA

Stakeholder participation in the policy process: what are the effects on the implementation of policy instruments?
Kerstin Åstrand, Joakim Nordqvist, and Jamil Khan, Lund university

eceee 2005 summer study proceedings
Steve Sorrell, SPRU, University of Sussex

Taking energy efficiency to a new scale: the climate change action plan in Nord-Pas de Calais region
Bertrand Lafolie, Conseil Régional Nord-Pas de Calais
Kenya Tillerson, International Consulting on Energy

Strategic choices: China's challenges of change
Joakim Nordqvist, Lund University

Developing the Energy Efficiency Advice Centre Network into a Sustainable Energy Network
Colin Timmins and Susan Crowley, Energy Saving Trust

Energy efficiency policy in an enlarged European Union: the Eastern perspective
Diana Ürge-Vorsatz and Gergana Miladinova, Central European University

Policy packages to achieve demand reduction
Brenda Boardman, University of Oxford

klima:aktiv – the Austrian initiative for climate protection
Willy Raimund, Michael Cerveny, Stephan Fickl, and Elisabeth Matt, Austrian Energy Agency

A negawatt scenario for 2005–2050
Thierry Salomon, Izuba Energies
Christian Couturier, Solagro
Marc Jedliczka, Hespul
Thomas Letz, Asder
Benoit Lebot, United Nations Development Programme

Energy planning using strategic environmental assessment – exploring new tools in a Swedish municipality
Anders Mårtensson and Jenny Stenlund Nilsson, Linköping University
Anna Björklund, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH)
Jessica Johansson, Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI)