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Panel 3. Sustainable transport and land use

A reform of car parking organisation as an instrument for creating sustainable urban regions
Paul C. Pfaffenbichler, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
Günter Emberger, Vienna University of Technology

Road Freight Transport in Sweden – Are There Any Signs of a Decoupling?
Max Åhman, Lund University

Could sustainable transport policies lead to behavioural change? – A user's point of view
Céline Polain and Pierre Lannoy, Catholic University of Louvain

Indicators: reliable signposts on the road to sustainable transportation. The partnership for sustainable urban transport in Asia
Lee Schipper and Wei-Shiuen Ng, EMBARQ
Cornelius Huizenga, Clean Air Initiative

Mobility management in spatial planning and companies – A way to lead out of trouble?
Max Herry and Markus Schuster, HERRY Consult GmbH
Willy Raimund, the Austrian Energy Agency (A.E.A.)

Making sense of sustainable mobility – compact cities, sedate households or clean vehicles?
Adriaan Perrels, Government Institute for Economic Research VATT

Market transformation for energy efficient road vehicles
Alex Veitch, Energy Saving Trust

Eco-efficiency of car-sharing at risk?
Georg Wilke and Daniel Bongardt, Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy

'Soft' Measures – soft option or smarter choice for early energy savings in the transport sector?
Jillian Anable, The Robert Gordon University
Sally Cairns, Lynn Sloman, Phil Goodwin, Alistair Kirkbride, and Carey Newson

School concentration and travel: the case of the Netherlands
Enne de Boer and C.D. van Goeverden, Delft University of Technology

Impacts of energy use on demand for freight transport: past development and future perspectives
Andreas Pastowski, Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy

Encouraging the introduction of energy efficient and lower carbon road vehicles through carbon-based taxes at purchase
Neil Wallis, Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership

Towards a 60% reduction in UK transport carbon dioxide emissions: a scenario building and backcasting approach
Robin Hickman, Halcrow Group Ltd
David Banister, University College London