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Panel 3: Local and regional activities

Wind power planning in France (Aveyron), from State regulation to local planning
Alain Nadaï, CIRED - Centre International de Recherche sur l’Environnement et le Développement, France
Olivier Labussière, Université de Pau et des Pays de l’Adour, Laboratoire Société Environnement Territoire, France

3-fold initiative for energy planning and sustainable development at local level (3-NITY)
Hans Jacob Mydske, New Energy Performance AS – NEPAS, Norway
Kari Aamodt Espegren, Institute for Energy Technology – IFE, Norway

A successful strategy for energy efficient public buildings
Christiane Egger, O.Ö. Energiesparverband, Linz, Austria
Christine Öhlinger, O.Ö. Energiesparverband, Linz, Autria

ACT LOCAL – in a European wide network – e5 and the European Energy Award® – a way to realise permanent and sustainable energy-efficiency projects in communities
Silke Mader and Andrea Leindl, Austrian Energy Agency

Local government energy action in the UK: from service delivery to community leadership
Joanne Wade and Amanda Pearson, Impetus Consulting, United Kingdom
Brooke Flanagan, Energy Saving Trust, United Kingdom
Rachael Knowland, Impetus Consulting, United Kingdom

Energy Survival: entertainment as a resource for local energy actions
Henk van Elburg and Catelijne van de Moosdijk, SenterNovem, The Netherlands

A review of initiatives to reduce energy-related CO2 emissions from the city of Oxford: past, present and future
Dr Rajat Gupta, Department of Architecture, School of the Built Environment, Oxford Brookes University, United Kingdom

The impact of the EU Emission Trading Scheme on the diffusion of climate protection innovations – the case of German local utilities
Nele Glienke, Karoline Rogge, and Katrin Ostertag, Fraunhofer Institute Systems and Innovation Research, Department Sustainability and Infrastructure, Germany

Sustainable energy and development in disadvantaged communities: New approaches from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, and Slovakia
Susan Legro, Eco Ltd, Czech Republic

Does the promotion of photovoltaics in schools influence energy behaviours: An evaluation of the Queensland solar schools initiative
Stacey Tabert, Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Education, Central Queensland University, Australia

Intelligent street lighting in Oslo, Norway
Tor Mjøs, Norconsult AS, Norway

Light Bulb Fund Raiser leverages community groups in energy efficiency and peak shaving initiative
Katherine Johnson, Market Development Group, Frederick, USA
Ed Thomas , Market Development Group, Montrose, USA

Micro-financing of renewable energy systems
Maike Bunse and Prof. Dr. Holger Wallbaum, triple innova, Germany
Carmen Dienst, Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment, Energy, Germany

“klima:aktiv energieeffiziente betriebe” (climate:active energy efficient companies) – the Austrian climate change program for industry
Peter Sattler, Martin Sampl, and Karin Fuchsberger, sattler energie consulting GmbH, Austria

Energy savings from intelligent metering and behavioural change in local and regional public sector buildings
P. Webber and S. Conway, Leicester Energy Agency (Leicester City Council), Leicester Energy Efficiency Centre, United Kingdom
P. Patel, Leicester City Council, Leicester Energy Efficiency Centre
M. Fleming, Leicester, United Kingdom

The Rõuge renewable energy park: En route to zero-CO2 community in rural Estonia
Antti Roose, Institute of Geography, University of Tartu, Estonia

Bolder Boulder: A city’s quest to meet Kyoto when federal policies fail
Larry Kinney, Synertech Systems Corporation, USA
Mark Ruzzin, City of Boulder Office of the Mayor, USA
Sarah Van Pelt and Elizabeth Vasatka, City of Boulder Office of Environmental Affairs, USA

Economic impacts from energy efficiency programs –Variations in multiplier effects by program type and region
John Gardner, Skumatz Economic Research Associates, Inc., USA
Lisa Skumatz, Ph.D., Skumatz Economic Research Associates, Inc., USA

Green Campus: Innovative approaches to energizing the “Next Generation” toward energy efficiency and green behaviors
Andy Coghlan, Alliance to Save Energy, USA
Lisa Skumatz, Skumatz Economic Research Associates, Inc., USA

Successful energy efficient building renovation at state schools
Dr. Kurt Berlo, Wuppertal Institut for Climate, Environment and Energy, Germany
Dieter Seifried, Büro Ö-quadrat, Germany

The Green Lease Schedule
Lloyd Woodford, Australia Government, Department of the Environment and Water Resources

Local energy advice centres in France: quite active but how effective? An evaluation of local energy actions in France
Eliane Métreau and Kenya Tillerson, International Consulting on Energy (I.C.E.), France