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Ea Energy Analyses


Ea Energy Analyses

Ea Energy Analyses is a Danish energy consulting company founded in 2005, specialised in energy planning, energy related R&D, demonstration of new technologies and international project management in the field of energy.

The founders of the company have many years’ experience in the Danish and international energy scene with a background in the Danish Energy Authority, the Danish Institute of Local Government Studies, Elkraft Power Company and Elkraft System, the former Transmission System Operator for the Eastern Danish electricity system. The founders also have extensive experience in restructuring processes in the electricity and heat sectors in Denmark, the Baltic countries and Poland.

Ea Energy Analyses offers specialist skills in system analyses of the electricity, heat and gas sectors. The company’s working field includes projects concerning emission reduction and projects concerning policy strategies, development and deployment of renewable energy. We also participate in R&D projects on the development of the demand side as a market actor in the electricity market.