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Josef Stefan Institute, Energy Efficiency Centre


Josef Stefan Institute, Energy Efficiency Centre

Energy Efficiency Centre (EEC) from Jožef Stefan Institute within its activities covers the fields of efficient energy use, long term planning in energy and activities for the reduction of greenhouse gases emissions and air pollutants. The Centre today is a focal point for the collection and transfer of energy efficiency technologies to energy users, the state; energy, equipment and service providers and other interested agencies. At the same time it covers environmental effects of energy use and conversion. The most significant part of EEC activities is thus cooperation with state institutions in the field of efficient energy use, energy planning, environment taxes (CO2 tax), emission trading; nevertheless it still remains strongly connected, by its consulting and training role in energy, with industrial companies and other institutions.

The main project clients are the Ministry of the Economy, the Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning, the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology, industry, commercial and public sector. In the last years, the share of projects the Centre carries out within international cooperation, especially within the programmes of the European Commission and bilateral connections significantly increased.

In the field of energy efficiency promotion and energy consulting in industry and institutions, the Energy Efficiency Centre carries out energy audits, energy concepts, feasibility studies and pre-feasibility studies with an emphasis on cogeneration systems and designs, monitors and evaluates energy efficiency programmes, introduction of energy efficient technologies and energy management, informing and awareness building of energy users as well as other target groups and promotes energy efficient technologies and procedures.

The Center, in the field of international cooperation, participates in numerous European projects, financed within research programmes ( 6th framework programme) or programmes of the General directorate for energy and transport (DG TREN) of the European Comission. Projects encompass especially promotion of energy efficiency and renewable energy sources.