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ISR - University of Coimbra


ISR - University of Coimbra

The ISR-University of Coimbra (ISR-UC) was founded in 1992 together with two other university sites in IST-Lisbon Technical University and FEUP- Porto School of Engineering, with the global purpose of setting up a first class multi-disciplinary research team, able to carry out leading edge interdisciplinary research in several important areas of science and technology, to improve the quality of life and for sustainable development.

The global objectives of the Intelligent Energy Systems thematic line are the research on advanced electrical technologies, renewable energy and energy storage technologies, in the scope of industrial and building automation systems, robotics and electric vehicles. To achieve such objectives, the thematic line develops research in two main areas: “Energy Efficient Technologies” and “Renewables and Smart Grids”.

In the “Energy Efficient Technologies” area is developed research work on the characterization of the energy consumptions in the residential, industry and tertiary sectors, as well as on the identification of energy savings opportunities. The work is focused on the economic, technical and ecodesign assessment of new technologies (with a strong focus on electric motors and drives) and on the design of new methodologies and systems to achieve energy savings.

In the “Renewables and Smart Grids” area is developed research work on the integration of renewables in buildings and on the large scales integration of intermittent generation into the electrical grid. The research work is focused on the assessment of complementarity between renewable sources and on the design of Demand Response platforms (including the use of electric vehicles) and energy storage systems.

ISR-UC have participated and coordinated several European projects in the area of energy efficiency, decentralized generation and renewable energy sources and has a strong collaboration with electric utilities and national and international companies. Projects and Associated Web Sites Intelligent Energy Systems Thematic Line and Intelligent Energy Systems Projects