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myenergy G.I.E.


myenergy G.I.E.

myenergy was created in 2008 as an Economic Interest Group, in order to provide a national and neutral contact point for information and advice on energy matters.

myenergy’s missions consist in the information, the support and the education of private persons, municipalities, companies and experts towards the development of sustainable and energy efficient constructions and the use of renewable energy sources.

myenergy’s main activity is the free and neutral energy advice offered to private consumers by telephone (Free Hotline 8002 11 90) or by appointment in its various regional infopoints, operated in cooperation with municipalities. The basic energy advice is meant:

  • To offer targeted guidance on the numerous products and services available on the market,
  • To clarify the advantages and disadvantages of measures,
  • To optimize the energy efficiency, the sustainability and the costs of a project,
  • To encourage the house builder to use renewable energies,
  • To offer information on the state subsidy programs.

myenergy has also introduced a voluntary certification programme (myenergy certified) for the experts working in the area of energy efficiency and renewable energies. The professionals meeting the criteria defined by myenergy and demonstrating consolidated skills obtain a quality label and are added to a list, which is actively distributed by myenergy to guide the consumers searching for an expert.

In addition to general advice and information activities destined to the municipalities and companies, myenergy has assisted the ministry of Sustainable Development and Infrastructures with the implementation of the “climate pact” and is now in charge of the project management. The climate pact involves the Government and the municipalities in terms of a contract; the municipalities commit to implement a quality management system relating to their energy and climate policy as well as an energy management tool for their infrastructures and their equipment; in return they benefit from technical and financial support given by the Government.

myenergy also develops and manages national and European projects in the fields of energy efficiency, renewable energy sources and sustainable constructions and supports the Government for the national implementation of European Directives in the area of energy efficiency and renewable energies.

myenergy is supported by the Luxembourg Government, represented by the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Infrastructures and the Ministry of Housing.