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eceee 2013 Summer Study

twenty successful

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eceee 2013 Summer Study on energy efficiency
3–8 June 2013
Club Belambra Les Criques, Presqu’île de Giens, Toulon/Hyères, France

Our societies face massive challenges: The climate threat is acute and the window of opportunity for changing direction is closing rapidly. The global financial crisis just seems to continue, and Europe is hardly close to sustainable energy security.

Energy efficiency is by no means the only answer to our challenges, but it can take us a long way. Cutting energy demand helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions in a more cost-effective way than any other energy policy. Massive investments in energy efficiency can contribute to getting people all around Europe back to work. And cutting energy demand will make Europe more resilient and more productive.

Rethink, renew, restart

The new European Energy Efficiency Directive is a good first step for Europe. But it is just the start. It is time to Rethink policies and options. It is time to Renew commitments to climate, energy security and reduced energy demand. And it is time to Restart activities that actually achieve something. Your papers will help define how this can be done.

Celebrate 20 years with eceee

eceee was born in 1993 with its first-ever Summer Study. We have come a long way since then, when energy efficiency was seen as a marginal activity. Now, 2012, The International Energy Agency’s upcoming World Energy Outlook will feature energy efficiency as the main way forward.

In June 2013 we celebrate 20 years of eceee – and its Summer Study – and you can be part of this celebration. Welcome to join us in the South of France!

Tiring, inspiring, delightful...

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eceee movie

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