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Five days of formal and informal presentations and discussions

The eceee 2015 Summer Study offered five intense days of formal paper presentations in the nine panels as well as informal sessions, solutions workshops and plenary sessions. The event highlighted the First Fuel Now theme: how do we ensure that energy efficiency really gets the attention it deserves in policy making?

The conference kicked off in the late afternoon 1 June (at 17.30) with a plenary session to get the discussions started.

Download programme overview with enlarged pages (pdf)

Presentations of peer-reviewed papers

From Tuesday to Friday, between breakfast and lunch, the panel sessions ran in parallel for presentation and discussion of peer-reviewed papers. Displays (also based on peer-reviewed papers) were presented on Tuesday afternoon.

Download panel schedule for oral presentations and the list of display papers.


There were four plenaries during the week. See the speakers page for speakers and themes.

Afternoons – informal sessions and solutions workshops

The period after lunch each day was reserved for informal sessions in which any participant could set up a discussion on a current energy efficiency issue. During the 2013 Summer Study, about 50 informal sessions were held.

In parallel with the informal sessions, partners arranged solutions workshops.

Graffiti will guide you

“Graffiti”, the Summer Study newsletter, was found on the breakfast table each morning. Graffiti highlighted the activities of the day, presents important information, interviews and themes to be debated.

The constant networking and discussions

Day and night, participants could find hundreds of people eager to discuss energy efficiency.

The grand finale

The tradition on Friday is to conclude with a conference summary and final debate followed by a festive meal. In the evening, there is always a party with dance under the dark night skies.