An organisation with its own views

eceee is governed by a board elected at the General Assembly by the organisation’s members. The by-laws provide for a balance between members, who can be either individuals (personal members) or member organisations, that appoint a person to represent them in the board. At least half of the board’s members must be organisations. The General Assembly is held annually, and as of the new bylaws adopted 2011, a third of the board will be elected each year. Elected board members serve for a three-year term.

Regardless of the number of affiliated employees, a member organisation never has more than three votes on a General Assembly.

The board makes the final decision on policy statements. Statements are made by eceee as an organisation and do not necessarily reflect the views of each member.

The legal status of eceee and its whereabouts

From the creation of eceee in 1993 until 1998, the organisation had a provisional status. In 1998, eceee attained formal status as a non-profit association governed by Norwegian law. In 2005, the organisation moved to become a Swedish non-profit association (the legal term in Swedish is ideell förening).

The organisation has a  secretariat in Stockholm, and an Executive Director (Nils Borg). Please note that eceee’s staff resources are extremely limited and eceee does not offer general advice on energy efficiency other than what is published on eceee's website.

The best way to get in touch with eceee is to use the contact forms (e-mail) provided on this site. If you need to send anything by normal mail, the address is:

Sveavägen 98, 4tr
Phone: +46 8 673 11 30