General Assembly 2018

New board members and auditor elected, approval of annual financial reports

eceee's Annual General Assembly was held 27 November, in Brussels. New board members were elected.

To see the complete new board, please go to the board member page.

At the board meeting the following day, the board appointed Agneta Persson as eceee President (re-appointed) and Joanne Wade (re-appointed) and Andrea Roscetti (new) as Vice Presidents.

To see eceee's adopted annual Activity Report and annual Financial Report, please go here.


§1 Opening of meeting
The meeting was opened and eceee President Agneta Persson welcomed all participants.

§2 Approval of agenda
The agenda was approved. It was concluded that the meeting had been called out in due time.

§3 Approval of the activity report
The eceee activity report FY 2017/18 was approved.

§4 Approval of financial report
The eceee financial report and accounts for FY 2017/18 were presented by Nils Borg who also provided a summary of the auditor’s report. The annual financial report was approved.

§5 Election of new board members
The General Assembly participants expressed their gratitude to the sevices of the outgoing members Peter Bach, Danish Energy Agency (who served as eceee's President for 12 years), Brian Motherway, International Energy Agency (IEA) and Julia Reinaud, i24C Industrial Innovation for Competitiveness.

  • Nils Borg presented the proposal from the nomination committee.
  • The President thanked the outgoing board members Peter Bach (long-time eceee President), Brian Motherway and Julia Reinaud for their dedicated contribution to eceee. The President also thanked the nomination committee for the dedicated work.
  • The meeting unanimously approved the proposal from the nomination committee. The following board members were elected (new or re-election):

As organisational members

  • Didier Bossebœuf, French Environment and Energy Management Agency, Ademe
  • Jan Rosenow, Regulatory Assistance Project, RAP

As individual members

  • Vesna Kolega, Croatia
  • Agneta Persson, Anthesis Group Sweden (individual, currently eceee President)
  • Paula Fonseca, University of Coimbra, Portugal (for a one-year period to close the three-year term of Julia Reinaud)

Alternate for individual members (on a one-year term).

  • Rod Janssen, Energy in Demand.

§6 Election of auditor and his/her alternate
The meeting elected Carin Forsström as the auditor and elected her employer Grant Thornton as her alternate.

§7 Other business
No other business were raised.

§8 Close of meeting
The meeting closed at 14.30