The energy efficiency resource

The European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy, eceee, is a non-profit, independent organisation.

eceee offers governments, industry, research institutes and citizen organisations a unique resource of evidence-based knowledge and reliable information.

eceee promotes the understanding and application of energy efficiency in society and assists its target groups – from policy makers to programme designers to practitioners – with making energy efficiency happen.

eceee is registered as a Swedish organisation and has its secretariat in Stockholm.

Contributions to EU policy making

eceee participates actively in the European policy making process, The organisation participates in a number of EU policy making and advisory fora, and frequently comments on European energy policy through position papers and responses to public consultations.

eceee has also held expert workshops and briefings for policy makers. It has co-operated with the European Commission, the Parliament and the EU presidency, to hold expert seminars. These institutions appreciate the competence and integrity offered by eceee's network of members.

The information resource

eceee maintains an ambitious website with targeted information on energy efficiency. The website offers a news service as well as in-depth information on a number of European energy-related Directives.

eceee also produces policy briefs on European Directives and other key energy topics. These briefs explain complex issues in a condensed and simple way and provides analysis and viewpoints.

eceee's broad representation

Membership of eceee is open to both organisations and individuals. Member organisations include government agencies, industry, research institutions and other NGOs. eceee is governed by a board consisting of twelve members representing organisational and personal members. Board members include various government energy agencies, consulting companies and research institutions from all over Europe.

eceee has many hundred individuals affiliated as members, either as personal members or through their organisation.

The eceee summer study: networking at its best

The strength of eceee as an organisation is partly due to the success of the major Summer Study it holds every two years. Since 1993, the Summer Study has been a meeting place for researchers, public policy makers, representatives of the energy utility industry, non-profit organisations and commercial organisations interested in promoting energy efficiency.

The heart of the summer study is the presentation and discussion of peer-reviewed papers in panel sessions. Keynote speakers address plenary sessions. Plenty of time is set aside for informal sessions in the afternoons and evenings.

Join us!

As a member you will support eceee's work and have a direct influence on the organisation's governance through General Assemblies, when the board is elected. Members are also invited to provide input on energy policy issues, for instance when eceee as an organisation prepares a formal response to EU-wide consultations.

Members also have direct benefits, including:

  • Access to parts of the website reserved for members, such as the on-line library of eceee proceedings
  • Discounted registration fees for Summer Studies and other events
  • Discounted prices of proceedings and other publications
  • Access to eceee's on-line database of members
  • Organisational members are also listed on our public web site and can present themselves on the organisational members' forum

Two categories of memberships are offered: personal and organisational. Organisational members can nominate as many individuals affiliated to their organisation as they wish.

Membership fees are kept low so that financial resources should be no issue for anyone who is interested in joining. If you are interested in becoming a member, please follow the link in the menu.