Columnists: Hans Nilsson, Fourfact

Published on: 15 Nov 2016

Thank you Mr Trump!

It is not very often that a competitor on the market voluntarily withdraws and hands over their market shares to the others in the field. It happens sometimes in sports and is known as a “walk over”. Then it mostly depends on injuries and often the rivals regret and hope for a come-back at a later occasion.

I can´t recall that it has ever happened because the contestant declares that he does not believe in the game and that he wants to be greater than the others. As you, Mr. Trump, are doing now by declaring that you want to pull out of the challenge to combat climate change!

Of course we are sorry that you leave this global effort since we know that there is an incredible body of knowledge and experience. It is unfortunate because we need every effort to meet our global challenge.

There is also growing determination within companies that provide renewable energy and energy efficiency in your country because they see the importance – and the business case. We are impressed by many of them but you have to understand (if you at all listen) that we are hesitating to buy from someone that does not have trust in their domestic market.

If we look at the world market for sustainable energy throughout the world as shown, for example, in different publications from the International Energy Agency (IEA), it is obvious that the US is a dwarf. The world market is (as you are used to saying) YUGE! And it is growing BIGLY!

Could the fact that US in this respect is small explain why you want to withdraw – because you are afraid that you will lose out? There are many European and Asian companies that are well positioned and happy to take over your part as well. So thank you for leaving the market and the market shares!

We do think that at some time you in the future, or more likely some other person in your country, would like to return to our merry company and take on the challenge to save the future. But till then – thank you and good bye!

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