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July 2019

Our planet is in crisis. But until we call it a crisis, no one will listen

Siberian wildfires prompt Russia to declare a state of emergency

Breaking barriers: Women in energy efficiency tell their stories

Portugal’s solar energy auction breaks world record

Can China electrify all new passenger cars by 2030?

Another California city drops gas peaker in favor of clean portfolio

12 years to save the world? No, the real climate deadline is the end of 2020

German environmental groups: PtX-tech not ‘necessarily’ climate-friendly

BMW Group plans to promote emissions-free driving in Plug-In-Hybrids

Harris, Ocasio-Cortez float plan to lift low-income communities in climate plans

Climate champion Greta Thunberg plans to set sail for Americas on zero-carbon trip

Cool ideas to clean up pollution from cars, trucks, ships and planes

EU continues to fund coal and steel research

Think the heatwave was bad? Climate already hitting key tipping points

Experts call for ban on glass skyscrapers to save energy in climate crisis

Ohio governor signs coal and nuclear bailout at expense of renewable energy

Heat wave smashes European records

Many U.S. cities cannot measure climate emissions progress - report

'Time to rebel': Greta Thunberg adds voice to new song by the 1975

How Trump’s climate U-turn exposed the limits of European power

Britain set to endure hottest-ever day in European heatwave

Senate bill would extend benefits of utility efficiency programs nationwide

Low-carbon energy makes majority of UK electricity for first time

German Greens want to ban domestic flights by 2035

Germany eager to become global leader in developing hydrogen technologies

Transport committee chair: The aim is to put climate on political agenda in all sectors

Berkeley became first US city to ban natural gas. Here's what that may mean for the future

'No doubt left' about scientific consensus on global warming, say experts

Greta Thunberg: Right wing French MPs insult and boycott teenage climate activist

German Greens want to ban domestic flights by 2035

Could solar energy sharing between Australia and Singapore be a model for other regions?

U.S. senators to unveil carbon tax bill to generate $2.5 tln in 10 years

Report: Clean Energy is Calling

Nissan refuses government request on Qashqai emissions

Air travellers face carbon charge to offset emissions

Science can double the solar dividend

Air travellers may have to pay carbon charge to offset emissions

Hot enough for you? The ‘utility of the future’ needs greater transformation to address ambitious climate goals

Oil and gas methane emissions off track

Direct CO2 capture machines could use ‘a quarter of global energy’ in 2100

Von der Leyen’s French inspiration on climate protection

Guterres asks all countries to plan for carbon neutrality by 2050

How von der Leyen could make a carbon border tax work

Funds managing $2 trillion urge cement makers to act on climate impact

The town fighting the climate crisis to stay afloat, one hurricane at at time

As U.S. heat wave breaks records, cooling centers offer relief

Environment of greater concern than housing or terrorism – UK poll

How melting plastic waste could heat homes

Carbon calculator: how taking one flight emits as much as many people do in a year

Dutch urge swift EU hydrogen push to cut industry, transport emissions

Why is Pakistan still pursuing coal?

Bolsonaro accuses state agency of lying on Brazil deforestation

Greens want four EU Commission jobs in return for von der Leyen support

UK energy-saving efforts collapse after government subsidy cuts

Offshore wind auction could raise millions for Queen

Days of 100-degree heat will become weeks as climate warms, U.S. study warns

Leaked UN science report warns of clash between bioenergy and food

Trump drilling leases could create more climate pollution than EU does in a year

Oil tanker investments at risk from climate action, report says

Reducing car traffic could be the only solution to reduce air pollution

Planning a BBQ? Not if you want to save the planet

Campaigners and industry criticise South Africa’s new carbon tax

100% renewable power requires radical EU market fix, Poles argue

UK lawmakers to count environmental cost of mass tourism

Power-short Zimbabwe removes barriers to solar energy expansion

Dirty deeds of the clean energy sector: Investors urged to step up

Days of 100-degree heat will become weeks as climate warms, U.S. study warns

Going Clean: How Energy Efficiency Is Helping States Zero Out Emissions

World’s largest solar farm to be built in Australia

Climate a ‘signature issue’ as Ursula von der Leyen anointed EU chief

EU asserts ‘right to regulate’ as part of energy charter treaty reform

Can the global cement industry cut its carbon emissions?

Radical changes proposed for Indonesia to meet clean energy target

As fuel prices rise, firewood rustlers vex rural Kenya

Could climate change spark a financial crisis? Candidates warn Fed it’s a risk

Climate activists disrupt British cities with 'summer uprising'

Emission-busting aviation taxes gain ground, despite airline pushback

In Norway, Oslo leaders are creating a ‘car-free city center.’ Could Boston be next?

China greenhouse gas emissions soar 50% during 2005-2014 - govt data

'Just a matter of when': the $20bn plan to power Singapore with Australian solar

In a moment of urgency, put energy efficiency first

How to fix Eastern Europe’s problem with 2050 climate neutrality

We were already over 350ppm when I was born

AIIB faces climate protests at annual meeting in Luxembourg

Arctic wildfires emitted as much CO2 in June as Sweden does in a year

Why we are far from imposing a tax on kerosene

It can’t be left to Europe’s cities to clean up noxious air

Massachusetts bills aim to promote efficient appliances, net-zero housing

Latest DOE actions on appliance standards will cost consumers and increase carbon emissions

Electric cars could form battery hubs to store renewable energy

World's major cities to face 'unknown' climate conditions by 2050

Rich Asians seeking sustainable investment opportunities

Heavy rain, floods in China force evacuation of nearly 80,000

EU Commission nominee backs 50% carbon cut by 2030, fails to win Greens’ support

Europe ‘could get 10 times’ its electricity needs from onshore wind, study says

The Guardian view on the climate emergency: a dangerous paralysis

UK not prepared for rising temperatures, warns CCC

Thousands of schools and universities declare 'climate emergency'

European airline chiefs push back against flight shaming, carbon taxes

Climate crisis: can councils deliver on bold promises to cut emissions?

European solar thermal market sees slight increase

Analysis: How Trump’s rollback of vehicle fuel standards would increase US emissions

France to impose green tax on plane tickets

German coalition divided over carbon pricing

Quarter of world's biggest firms 'fail to disclose emissions'

EU clarifies funding scope for CO2 capture technology

Russia readies to ratify Paris Agreement, warns about renewables ‘absolutism’

IEA unveils global high-level commission for urgent action on energy efficiency

Most big CO2 emitting firms not on track for climate goals -report

David Attenborough: polluting planet may become as reviled as slavery

European Greens demand action on climate as condition to approve EU top job

Keep climate teaching real and honest

Building circular and climate-neutral buildings for Europe

British Gas and SSE to purge petrol and diesel from fleets by 2030

The Vatican and UN Environment bring faith organizations together to “care for our common home”

It's high time to create a World Carbon Bank

UN Climate Fund to make funding green projects easier

Climate protesters arrested outside Swiss banks

Life-threatening rains pound U.S. capital; White House basement offices leak

Fossil fuel exports make Australia one of the worst contributors to climate crisis

One climate crisis disaster happening every week, UN warns

Brazilians reject Bolsonaro’s nuclear plan

Enough of the climate nightmare. It’s time to paint the dream

Saudi row over 1.5C science raises frustration with UN consensus model

'Biggest compliment yet': Greta Thunberg welcomes oil chief's 'greatest threat' label

Germany’s coal phase-out bill to be ready by end 2019

Green NGO did not misuse funds, top German court rules

Climate change fingerprints were all over Europe's latest heat wave, study finds

Governments and firms in 28 countries sued over climate crisis – report

National Trust to divest £1bn portfolio from fossil fuels

Tree planting 'has mind-blowing potential' to tackle climate crisis

A ‘jigsaw’ approach to protecting the environment

Malawi storm survivors place hope in solar power to switch on 'new life'

Cost-benefit analysis does not work well for wicked problems like climate change

Shipping heavyweights at risk of missing climate targets

EU top jobs leave big climate questions

Official EU petition calls for minimum carbon price

Renewables the only way to go

The world has ‘two business cycles’ left to meet Paris goals

African ministers lobby UK for control of climate aid

GE’s multi-billion dollar mistake

Gas and oil firms reclassified under non-renewables on LSE

Without climate action, economic growth 'will be reversed', economist warns

UK to put climate crisis and environment at the heart of overseas aid

Are London’s bankers the pioneers of green financing?

Climate change made June heatwave ‘at least 5 times more likely’, scientists say

While the government is in denial, the states are making staggering progress on renewable energy

Finnish PM calls for ‘heroic act’ to solve climate crisis

Rising heat stress could cost 80 mln jobs by 2030 - UN

Will Germany block the EU’s sustainable finance drive?

G20 stalls on fossil fuel subsidies despite calls for climate action

How much global warming is fossil fuel infrastructure locking in?

Trump dismisses need for climate change action: ‘We have the cleanest water we’ve ever had, we have the cleanest air’

Paris clamps down on older diesel cars

Heatwaves hurt the poor most: time for an EU plan

Alaska's heat wave fuels dangerous smoke, melts glaciers

Brussels ministerial shows US still isolated on climate change

French police criticised for using pepper spray on climate protesters

June 2019

‘Revolutionise the world’: UN chief calls for youth to lead on climate

Hotter than Death Valley: Europe burns, sweats in record heat

When Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez met Greta Thunberg: 'Hope is contagious'

G20: Theresa May urges countries to raise climate ambitions

Green groups in Asia rally for Japan to quit coal

Japan is leading on business climate engagement. Will ambitious policies follow?

Which energy storage technology is going to power Australia’s future?

EU leftists demand ‘climate emergency’ Parliament committee

Why electric vehicles alone cannot solve tomorrow’s mobility issues

Meet generation Greta: young climate activists around the world

EU takes stock after climate deal disappointment

Doctors call for nonviolent direct action over climate crisis

New UN environment chief seeks fair deal for all in climate fight

UK accused of ignoring obligations on aviation emissions

UK's biggest carbon capture project is step-change on emissions

UN report on 1.5C blocked from climate talks after Saudi Arabia disputes science

Europe’s airports target carbon-neutrality by 2050, planes not included

Why I’m climate striking against Fox News on Friday

It’s time to change the climate disaster script. People need hope that things can change

Japan waters down G20 climate commitment ahead of leaders’ summit

Sefcovic points to trade as next priority for EU climate diplomacy

France says final G20 communique must mention Paris climate change agreement

France returns to top of global green bond ranking

Pursuit of profit won’t solve climate crisis

New Danish government puts climate change centre stage

POLL-Americans demand climate action (as long as it doesn't cost much)

US generates more electricity from renewables than coal for first time ever

Shell is not a green saviour. It’s a planetary death machine

Super funds and investors with $34tn urge leaders to speed up climate action

UK action on air pollution works but far more is needed, study shows

‘Climate apartheid’: UN expert says human rights may not survive

Despite climate pledges, G20 coal subsidies rise, say energy researchers

Wealthy countries resist global tax on carbon offsets

The Earth’s climate is paying for our addiction to plastic

French nuclear to suffer after exclusion from EU’s green investment label

EU countries urged to see ‘opportunity in climate change’

Can China make its city streets more walkable?

German Greens are on the rise. But the nation is divided

The Energy Charter Treaty, a case study of ‘business as usual’ in the energy sector

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