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September 2019

Rising temperatures resulting in diesel cars emitting more air pollution

First ‘millennial’ Commissioner to address challenges for Generation Z

Which comes first for green buildings: technology transformation or cultural change?

China’s plan to electrify the economy

Green Deal branded as ‘hallmark’ of new European Commission

Adaptation isn’t enough. We’ve got to throw everything at the climate crisis

Energy transition ‘happening fast but not quickly enough’ to stop planet heating: report

Lower cost, less controversy: Business case builds for energy efficiency

I never thought I'd see the Australian rainforest burning. What will it take for us to wake up to the climate crisis?

World 'gravely' unprepared for effects of climate crisis – report

EU eyes end of energy tax waivers for air and sea transport sectors

‘Asia undermining efforts to reduce coal dependence’

Missed Opportunity: Few utilities fully integrate energy efficiency and demand response

No need to cut beef to tackle climate crisis, say farmers

Can we save the world, one tree at a time?

Clean energy or food? Asian nations grapple with new demands on land

UK to host crucial global talks on tackling climate emergency

Air conditioning for all? Hotter world faces risk of 'cooling poverty'

EU countries have ‘no concrete plans’ to phase out fossil fuel subsidies: report

EIB begins metamorphosis into climate bank

Listen up, 2020 candidates: Energy affordability is a major problem

Jakarta’s sea level prompts a move – at a price

Alive but lost: In Bahamas, Hurricane Dorian survivors wonder what next

Summer heatwaves caused 1,500 extra deaths in France - health minister

Hundreds of climate sceptics to mount international campaign to stop net-zero targets being made law

Climate change activists storm red carpet at Venice Film Festival

Pope says deforestation must be treated as a global threat

Brexit is stalling Britain from taking vital action on climate crisis, says expert

Meet the environment defenders fighting for clean energy in Southeast Asia

France’s path towards sustainable farming eroded by increased droughts

Fires in Brazil’s Amazon have devastating consequences

Amazon countries sign forest pact, promising to coordinate disaster response

Climate Weekly: US Dems’ 7-hour climathon

Seagrass conservation will help tackle climate change

US cities adopt stricter building energy codes

Democrats must go to war with fossil fuel industry to take on the climate crisis

Oil and gas companies undermining climate goals, says report

Scientist: ‘I’m pretty sure we will need carbon removal technologies’

Amazon fires are a shameful indictment of our lust for excess

New geo-clustering tool helps understand buildings performance and savings potentials

'Everything is gone:' Bahamians struggle in Dorian's devastating wake

European Central Bank should ‘gradually eliminate’ carbon assets, Lagarde says

On climate change, Britons are shaky on facts, strong on action - study

Time to give the transport sector the predictability it needs to thrive in a zero emission economy

White House to relax energy efficiency rules for light bulbs

Exploitation rife among firms mining minerals for renewables, electric vehicles: Report

Climate emergency to blame for heather crisis – National Trust

Global renewables investment to triple this decade - U.N.

History will be kind to Heathrow climate protesters who stop us flying

'Flight shaming' threatens air travel demand beyond Europe - IATA chief

'Everything is gone:' Bahamians struggle in Dorian's devastating wake

Luxembourg leads EU push to climate-proof Energy Charter Treaty

DOE’s Light Bulb Standards Rollback Will Cost Americans $14 Billion Each Year

Egyptian theatre aids climate change fight

Global heating made Hurricane Dorian bigger, wetter – and more deadly

Asia's growing coal use could negate global climate change progress, UN says

Climate change will dramatically devalue farmland in southern Europe, EU agency reveals

Global climate week: A clarion call to address climate emergency

Global food producers 'failing to face up to role' in climate crisis

The Amazon fire crisis has been 500 years in the making – as Brazil’s indigenous people know only too well

Why are hurricanes like Dorian stalling, and Is global warming involved?

John Kerry says we can't leave climate emergency to 'neanderthals' in power

How is global media reporting on the climate crisis?

Should one use a private jet to campaign over climate crisis?

Norwegian airline Widerøe teams with Rolls-Royce to research zero emission flights

Charging ahead? India's electric car revolution faces bumps

Giant Norway pension fund weighs Brazil divestment over Amazon deforestation

Natural disaster spike to drive 2020 insurance rate rise

Focusing on cutting emissions alone won’t halt ecological decline, we must consume less – former UK chief environmental adviser

UK funding to tackle climate crisis 'must double', government warned

China’s Belt and Road Initiative could lead to 3°C global warming, report warns

Fire hazard: Children struggle to breathe as smoke chokes Amazon city

Desert treaty steps up fight for degraded land

UK energy price fears as electricity imports climb to record high

A chilling truth: our addiction to air conditioning must end

August 2019

Do the Brazil Amazon fires justify environmental interventionism?

Flight risk: can we take the carbon out of air travel?

What the Arctic and Antarctic are trying to tell us, and why Southeast Asia must listen

Half a billion euros to flow into Germany’s forests

Are decentralised communities the way forward for sustainable cities?

Europeans must face their own role in the destruction of the Amazon

Australian emissions rise as LNG production soars

US trade war undermining Chinese efforts on climate, says official

Share of coal in UK's electricity system falls to record lows

Paris climate accord awaits Russian backing

Offshore wind boost as 2.8GW of new UK capacity edges closer to development

Tackling the climate emergency and protecting our oceans go hand-in-hand

China’s emissions ‘could peak 10 years earlier than Paris climate pledge’

German coal regions to be allocated €40 billion as part of coal phase-out plan

E.P.A. to roll back regulations on methane, a potent greenhouse gas

Switzerland pledges climate neutrality by 2050

Major climate change rules the Trump administration is reversing

Welcome to the US, Greta. With your help we can save the planet and ourselves

Plentiful renewable energy awaits the world

The air conditioning trap: how cold air is heating the world

Drone disruption? Climate activists to target London's Heathrow airport

‘Hydro-gin’ secures UK government funding

An EU agenda for climate security

Climate change is shifting Europe's flood patterns, and these regions are feeling the consequences

High time for a Green New Deal for Singapore

Pacific leaders set new bar by collectively declaring climate crisis

Record rain in south Japan brings flood chaos, kills at least two

What the Arctic and Antarctic are trying to tell us, and why Southeast Asia must listen

From Yemen to South Sudan, climate and water stress seen worsening conflict

Brazil looks to neighbors for Amazon support, defends record

France and UK double pledges to UN green fund to $3.5bn

BP's selling off its Alaska oil assets. The buyer has a history of safety violations

As fires race through Amazon, Brazil's Bolsonaro weakens environment agency

Mitsubishi invests in UK company to bring off-grid solar to Asia

Swedish teen climate activist arrives in New York by boat for U.N. summit

G7 summit did little to solve global environmental crisis

The Amazon is burning: 4 essential reads on Brazil’s vanishing rainforest

What does '12 years to act on climate change' (now 11 years) really mean?

U-turn: Bolsonaro open to foreign aid to fight Amazon fires

Tree loss brings more warming as world heats

Don't blame Australia for coal burned offshore. Blame us for burning it here

Solar power could replace all US hydro dams using ‘just 13% of the space’

Fires are devouring the Amazon. And Jair Bolsonaro is to blame

Global appetite for beef, soy fuels Amazon fires

An idea to electrify 1 million boats in Southeast Asia—inspired by Ikea

Underground line to heat up London homes during winter

David Wallace-Wells: ‘There are many cases of climate hypocrisy’

EXPLAINER-Why are the Amazon fires sparking a crisis for Brazil - and the world?

Pope calls for global commitment to put out Amazon fires

G7 can’t turn a blind eye to ecocide in the Amazon

G7 nations close to agreement on tackling Amazon fires - Macron says

G7 Leaders, take a stand for Africa!

Greening your life is all very well – but only a global climate strategy will fix this

Merkel speaks in favour of increasing EU’s 2030 climate target to 55%

Poor and rich face economic loss as world warms

Climate activists demonstrate outside Brazil embassies in Paris and London

France and Ireland threaten to vote against EU-Mercosur deal

Human rights and green finance: friends or foes?

Climate change threats ignored by most Southeast Asian banks

UK should cut vehicle use to hit zero-carbon target, say MPs

Automakers snub Trump to side with climate crisis, says Obama-era official

Climate denial is reported more than science

Making every energy unit count for the customer

At risk: Heavy-duty vehicle fuel economy

Flat-packed cities: wooden skyscrapers sprout over concrete concerns

As the sun sets on oil, the sun will rise on solar power

‘Small’ nuclear war could bring global cooling

China invites the US back to the table at Chile climate talks

Climate change will cripple economies regardless of wealth, economists say

Australia suffering from toxic air due to lack of policy on coal use

A ‘life and death matter’: Singapore could spend US$72b on climate adaptation over next century

Japan is exporting the most polluting kind of coal power to developing Asia

Park life boosts morale as much as Christmas, survey shows

Medications can raise heat stroke risk. Are doctors prepared to respond as the planet warms?

Humanity is increasingly living above its means

Faced with floods and suicides, U.S. readies for a warmer world

World’s largest electric ferry enters service in Denmark

Farewell to Hal Wilhite

Why a ‘Green Flying Duty’ is vital to combat climate change

July 2019 hottest month on record for planet, US agency finds

Denmark sees resolution soon to EU rift on 2050 climate goal

Energy vault lands $110M from softBank’s vision fund for gravity storage

China and allies challenge UN chief’s climate vision

Hot future prompts new ideas for cool cities

We can’t keep eating as we are – why isn’t the IPCC shouting this from the rooftops?

India expects coal-fired power capacity to grow 22% in 3 years

Just 10% of fossil fuel subsidy cash 'could pay for green transition'

July 2019

Our planet is in crisis. But until we call it a crisis, no one will listen

Siberian wildfires prompt Russia to declare a state of emergency

Breaking barriers: Women in energy efficiency tell their stories

Portugal’s solar energy auction breaks world record

Can China electrify all new passenger cars by 2030?

Another California city drops gas peaker in favor of clean portfolio

12 years to save the world? No, the real climate deadline is the end of 2020

German environmental groups: PtX-tech not ‘necessarily’ climate-friendly

BMW Group plans to promote emissions-free driving in Plug-In-Hybrids

Harris, Ocasio-Cortez float plan to lift low-income communities in climate plans

Climate champion Greta Thunberg plans to set sail for Americas on zero-carbon trip

Cool ideas to clean up pollution from cars, trucks, ships and planes

EU continues to fund coal and steel research

Think the heatwave was bad? Climate already hitting key tipping points

Experts call for ban on glass skyscrapers to save energy in climate crisis

Ohio governor signs coal and nuclear bailout at expense of renewable energy

Heat wave smashes European records

Many U.S. cities cannot measure climate emissions progress - report

'Time to rebel': Greta Thunberg adds voice to new song by the 1975

How Trump’s climate U-turn exposed the limits of European power

Britain set to endure hottest-ever day in European heatwave

Senate bill would extend benefits of utility efficiency programs nationwide

Low-carbon energy makes majority of UK electricity for first time

German Greens want to ban domestic flights by 2035

Germany eager to become global leader in developing hydrogen technologies

Transport committee chair: The aim is to put climate on political agenda in all sectors

Berkeley became first US city to ban natural gas. Here's what that may mean for the future

'No doubt left' about scientific consensus on global warming, say experts

Greta Thunberg: Right wing French MPs insult and boycott teenage climate activist

German Greens want to ban domestic flights by 2035

Could solar energy sharing between Australia and Singapore be a model for other regions?

U.S. senators to unveil carbon tax bill to generate $2.5 tln in 10 years

Report: Clean Energy is Calling

Nissan refuses government request on Qashqai emissions

Air travellers face carbon charge to offset emissions

Science can double the solar dividend

Air travellers may have to pay carbon charge to offset emissions

Hot enough for you? The ‘utility of the future’ needs greater transformation to address ambitious climate goals

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