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January 2020

Australia seen waiting till March for sustained rains to douse bushfires

'We can't close our eyes' to climate change, says Marshall Isles ex-president

What’s the hold up on ambitious climate action?

Merkel, state leaders agree terms of brown coal exit

Not all member states will benefit from the European Green Deal

Green hydrogen could drive the energy transition—but investment and infrastructure are lacking, say experts

Rising sea levels threaten sovereign credit ratings - Moody's

EU plans ditching carbon cost refund for seven industrial sectors

David Attenborough says ‘humans have overrun the world’ as he issues climate warning

New DOE rule undercuts a top US policy for saving energy

Microsoft to erase its carbon footprint, past and future, in climate push

Achieving 1.5°C warming goal requires rapid reform of EU carbon market

New Cumbria coalmine 'incompatible' with climate crisis goals

Climate activists invoke German constitution to sue Merkel government

Colombia's Amazon tribes tap into rainforest protection funds

‘Green’ alert: environmental risks top Davos report

China-backed coal plants on EU’s doorstep hide huge carbon costs

Electric trucks: The next frontier for energy and emissions savings

Nuclear ‘excluded’ from EU’s new Just Transition Fund

London launches green energy firm to fight climate change, poverty

Question marks raised over scale of EU’s new climate fund

Cutting air passenger duty to help Flybe could wreck UK carbon plan

‘Flight shame’ takes hold in Europe, China, US, says new study

New BPIE report on synergies between national and local renovation plans

Platform for dialogue and sharing of information helps implementation of the Energy Efficiency Directive – new report

Nuclear power ‘cannot rival renewable energy’

Half of UK universities have committed to divest from fossil fuel

UN draft plan sets 2030 target to avert Earth's sixth mass extinction

Climate activist turns down Siemens board role over Australian mine deal

Women step forward in push to nurture African climate scientists

New diesel cars exceed particle limits, tests show

Von der Leyen hails ‘Austrian model’ on climate change

Why criticism over the Australian bushfires might be misplaced

Explainer: What is carbon neutrality, and can it really be achieved?

Climate at mercy of politics in 2020, experts warn

Air pollution could kill 160,000 in next decade – report

Ocean temperatures hit record high as rate of heating accelerates

How bad can the climate crisis get if Trump wins again?

Salty water in Bangkok is new 'reality' as sea pushes farther inland

Sweden's air travel drops in year when 'flight shaming' took off

Greta Thunberg tells world leaders to end fossil fuel ‘madness’

Can batteries help to limit bushfire horrors?

DOE publishes four new efficiency standards, bowing to court order

Road transport in the EU ETS: A high-risk, low-reward strategy

Jane Fonda, Joaquin Phoenix join climate protesters outside U.S. Congress

ANALYSIS-Sluggish climate action may see warming do Russia more harm than good

Brazil pushes plans for mining on tribal lands to European diplomats

Business leaders appointed for Climate Assembly UK

Soaring SUV sales keep carmakers on collision course with climate policy

Smart meters gain popularity, but most utilities don’t optimize their potential to save energy

Renewable gases bring European jobs that cannot be outsourced

EU carbon border tax cheaper and fairer than French energy levy, says report

Last year was Europe’s hottest ever, EU data shows

Kenya places climate disorder at centre of UN security council bid

More and more homeowners are renovating existing homes to make them ‘net zero’ energy consumers. Here’s how.

Barclays pressured by shareholders to cut fossil fuel financing

Massive rise in EV charging points needed to reach EU climate goals, analysis finds

Germany missed EU deadline to submit national climate plan

Traditional crops puff hopes for climate resilience in Kenya

Is the shipping industry’s R&D climate fund a Trojan Horse?

Lab-grown food will soon destroy farming – and save the planet

Australia’s bushfires to cost billions as climate risks rise

EU plans ‘big increase’ in green gas to meet climate goals

EU’s climate credibility rests on tackling methane emissions from gas

Australian bushfire smoke drifts to South America - WMO

Toyota to build prototype city of the future in Japan

London, New York mayors urge cities to divest from fossil fuels

U.S. oil industry warns of economic fallout from Democratic drilling ban

Tackling embodied carbon is the next step of the green building journey

Hoffenheim on tree-planting mission in Uganda staff warned over criticizing company's climate policy

Why Irish data centre boom is complicating climate efforts

Trump to remove climate change factors from environmental laws around major infrastructure projects

UK reaches milestone with zero carbon electricity surpassing fossil fuels in 2019

2019 and 2020: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

2020: A test year for Europe’s much-vaunted Green Deal

Shipping fuel regulation to cut sulphur levels comes into force

December 2019

Today, shipping is taking responsibility for our role in the climate crisis

Australian state declares emergency as wildfires surround Sydney

Can autonomous vehicles help cities address their climate goals? Only if they start planning now

Derailing Russia-Ukraine gas transit talks would harm the EU consumer

INTERVIEW-Nigeria needs to 'be ready' for oil decline, says environment minister

How water is helping to end 'the first climate change war'

Namibia's power supply squeezed as drought hits hydropower plant

Kenya places climate disorder at centre of UN security council bid

Boris Johnson urged to take world lead on climate action

Climate damage to Pakistan's cotton crop ripples through economy

Pipeline gas or LNG? Ukraine doesn’t keep all its eggs in one basket

Climate activists found guilty over London train protest by 'regretful' jury

BMW Group pushes low-emission transport logistics

Brussels lowers expectations about ‘green’ overhaul of Stability and Growth Pact

Zero-carbon ships on horizon under fuel levy plan

Oxford City Council sets £19 million budget for climate crisis

Standard Chartered Bank pulls out of three coal projects in Southeast Asia

Why Asia, and the rest of the world, need low-carbon steel

First-of-its-kind report reveals dramatic energy efficiency impacts, warns of stalled progress in face of climate challenge

Glacial melt creates Andes time bomb

Europe ‘disappointed’ with COP25’s mediocre outcome

Cop25: What was achieved and where to next?

Converting coal plants to biomass could fuel climate crisis, scientists warn

Goldman Sachs says they will end funding for Arctic drilling

How COP25 talks failed on global climate ‘ambition’

Finally saying the F-words at UN climate talks

COP25: ‘The European Green Deal gave an important signal. We need more of this’

Indonesia hits European Union with WTO lawsuit over palm oil

Political heat is on for 2020 climate deadline after lukewarm Madrid talks

EU ‘confident’ €100bn green transition fund will see the light

Germany to raise carbon price to 25 euros in 2021 after pressure -sources

UN climate talks: Australia accused of 'cheating' and thwarting global deal

UN climate talks end with limited progress on emissions targets

'How do you transform an entire economy?' The firm taking on the climate funding problem

Bloomberg climate plan would halve U.S. carbon emissions in 10 years

The indispensable second wave of the Green Deal: A Green Industry Strategy

Techie energy-saving gifts that keep on giving

World Bank says donors agree $23.5 bln in new funds for poorest countries

Long wait seen for electric planes despite historic first flight

Over 500 B Corps commit to being net zero by 2030

Four green policy concerns Boris Johnson needs to address immediately

Remote island off East Timor turns sunlight, air into drinking water

UK’s Brexit election explained: ‘There will be one less pro-climate vote in the EU’

Removable solar panels boost storm readiness in Dominica

ArcelorMittal aims for 30% cut in emissions in Europe by 2030

EU Council chief takes over budget negotiations

Xie Zhenhua: China’s top climate negotiator steps down

Politicians not markets slow new energy dawn

Reach ‘peak meat’ by 2030 to tackle climate crisis, say scientists

France, UK block green finance deal in setback for climate goals

Decision time for the EU’s 2050 climate strategy

Rift between negotiators and civil society at COP25 becoming very obvious

UK’s biggest power plant to go carbon negative by 2030 but experts question if it will work

European Green Deal will change economy to solve climate crisis, says EU

Europe must lead on the climate crisis. The European Green Deal shows how

Australia ranked worst of 57 countries on climate change policy

TIMELINE-Greta Thunberg's rise from unknown activist to Time Person of the Year

EU Commission unveils ‘European Green Deal’: The key points

US seeking further block on compensation for climate damage

At climate talks, Japan's Koizumi confronts critics over coal

EU Green Deal to tune up car CO2 rules

Fossil fuel firms 'could be sued' for climate change

Judge clears Exxon in investor fraud case over climate risk disclosure

New Year’s countdown: Our top 10 blog posts of 2019

UK sets new wind power record

ARISTOTELES Sky - The Energy Cloud for Nations

Climate change tops list of global worries for young people, says Amnesty

Greenland's ice sheet melting seven times faster than in 1990s

European shipping emissions undermining international climate targets

COP25: cities are no longer waiting around for nations, Milan’s mayor says

About 100 countries at UN climate talks challenge Australia's use of carryover credits

Time is ripe to align EU policies with Paris Climate Agreement

European stakeholders call upon the new Commission to make 2030 climate target a priority

Climate Diplomacy: We must act and we must act collectively

EU could ban dirty battery imports, says Commission VP

Market debut for world’s biggest polluter must be a rallying cry for climate action

Thousands form human chain in Brussels in climate change demo

UN climate talks failing to address urgency of crisis, says top scientist

Australia 'risks being dumping ground' for cars with greenhouse gas 1,400 times more potent than CO2

A-Z of climate anxiety: how to avoid meltdown

Fix climate crisis because Earth is all we've got, Physics Nobel prize winner says

Carbon offsets have patchy human rights record. Now UN talks erode safeguards

Is the EU Just Transition Fund all for naught?

Denmark adopts climate law to cut emissions 70% by 2030

Coal is now too hot for insurers to handle

‘Do no harm’: Nuclear squeezed out of EU green finance scheme

Greta Thunberg says school strikes have achieved nothing

European cities commit to net zero buildings

EU reaches milestone by agreeing on green criteria for finance

Breaking the Silos: Cooperation Across Industries is Needed to Address Climate Change

Toxic fluorescent lamps: Mercury issue with large energy saving potential

Aviation and shipping set to face differing fortunes under EU Green Deal

EU reaches groundbreaking compromise to stop greenwashing of finance

EU banking regulator: ‘No green economy if we encourage banks to be insolvent’

CO2-tracking satellites crucial for climate efforts, say space experts

EU finance ministers back energy tax reform, singles out aviation

‘People’ to take centre stage in EU Commission’s new energy policy

Revolt brewing against EU’s ‘unrealistic’ climate goals

Businesses need strong climate policy as they aim for net-zero

EU agreement on 2050 climate neutrality can help spur a renovation wave

Europe's 'carbon border tax' could hurt climate negotiations -China adviser

Buildings must be at the heart of the European Green Deal. Here’s why

Analysis: Global fossil-fuel emissions up 0.6 per cent in 2019 due to China

Tackling degraded oceans could mitigate climate crisis - report

Europe’s environment ‘at a tipping point’, EU agency says

Climate change: Emissions edge up despite drop in coal

Climate models have accurately predicted global heating, study finds

Paris climate deal: world not on track to meet goal amid continuous emissions

EU leaders to push for climate neutrality at next week’s summit, draft shows

12 strategies to step up global energy efficiency – eceee, ACEEE, AEEE

IEA at COP25 presses for stronger action on energy efficiency

Renovation is key to meet climate targets – BPIE report

'The United States is still in': Nancy Pelosi defies Trump over Paris climate change agreement in Spain

Natural gas rush drives a global rise in fossil fuel emissions

COP25: ‘Signals of hope’ multiplying in face of global climate crisis, insists UN chief Guterres

In China, coal creeps back in as slowing economy overshadows climate change ambitions

Poor nations pay price as millions flee 'climate chaos', Oxfam says

Climate crisis: what is COP and can it save the world?

RE100 campaign tops 200 corporate members

Commission official: EU should re-examine renewable energy rules

Zero-hour on climate, but UN talks in another time zone

Coal power becoming 'uninsurable' as firms refuse cover

Von der Leyen to start with climate summit, Africa trip

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