Abnormal heat spreads floods and wildfires globally

(Climate News Network, 17 Sep 2020) From the Arctic Circle to tropical Africa, abnormal heat is bringing mayhem and destruction and costing lives.

Across the planet, abnormal heat is exacting a lethal toll. The west coast of the US is up in flames. Over recent months unprecedented high temperatures have been melting permafrost in Siberia, within the Arctic Circle. Fires have spread; many thousands of acres of taiga have been laid waste.

Across many parts of Africa unseasonable torrential rains are causing loss of life and crops.

Climate scientists are careful about attributing any one severe weather event to climate change until all data is gathered and a proper analysis is made.

But looking at various weather patterns around the world, fundamental changes in climate are happening – most related to big increases in temperature.

Along the western seaboard of the US people are having to cope not only with a prolonged drought but with temperatures which are way above normal.

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Climate News Network, 17 Sep 2020: Abnormal heat spreads floods and wildfires globally