As Africa looks for clean power, nuclear interest grows

(Reuters, 10 Apr 2020) As a growing number of African states consider adopting nuclear power, renewables experts say it's not the cheapest, fastest or safest way to provide much-needed energy access.

Faced with power shortfalls, demands for greener energy and drought threats to hydropower, a growing range of African nations are considering a shift to an unexpected power source - nuclear energy.

South Africa has the continent's only commercial nuclear power plant. But according to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), a third of the almost 30 countries around the world considering adopting nuclear power are in Africa.

Ghana, Kenya, Egypt, Morocco, Niger, Nigeria and Sudan have engaged with the IAEA to assess their readiness to embark on a nuclear programme, and Algeria, Tunisia, Uganda and Zambia are mulling the possibility, according to the agency.

Altogether, at least seven sub-Saharan African states have signed agreements to deploy nuclear power with backing from Russia, according to public announcements and the World Nuclear Association (WNA), an industry body.

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Reuters, 10 Apr 2020: As Africa looks for clean power, nuclear interest grows