As heating bills go up, put your energy into keeping costs down

(The Guardian, 12 Sep 2021) ith wholesale energy prices soaring, millions of householders will face bigger bills next month. But there are ways to save.

Millions of people are set to see their heating bills go up from next month – and some are predicting more rises to come next year.

The soaring wholesale price of gas in the first part of this year recently led the energy regulator Ofgem to increase its price cap, and the 11 million households who pay by direct debit will see prices rise from an average of £1,138 a year to £1,277 from October.

And because wholesale energy prices continue to be so expensive, it is now suggested that there will be a second increase next April in order to take account of the rises.

However, there are ways to keep your bills down. Paul Winney of the Centre for Sustainable Energy (CSE), a Bristol-based charity, says there are simple steps to take in order to improve your home’s energy efficiency.

Know what you use

The first step towards cutting the amount of energy you use is knowing exactly what it goes on. Energy companies are supplying a new generation of smart meters as part of the government’s national programme to replace older models. These allow consumers to see in more detail what they are using.

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The Guardian, 12 Sep 2021: As heating bills go up, put your energy into keeping costs down