Austria green lights new strategy to reduce resource use

(EurActiv, 8 Dec 2022) The government’s new circular economy strategy focussing on higher recycling rates in 2030 should help reduce Austria’s resource use significantly by 2050.

Austria is a heavy user of resources, even by EU standards. In 2018, Austrians consumed 19 tons of resources per person, per year, 36% above the EU average.

“Four goals are the focus of the circular economy strategy: conservation of resources, prevention of waste, prevention of environmental pollution and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions,” explained Leonore Gewessler, minister of energy and climate action, on Wednesday.

Following a wide-netted consultation process, the strategy consists of 600 measures.

“Careful and efficient use of our valuable resources is more necessary than ever before,” she added.

By 2030, the strategy aims to increase resource productivity by 50% (national GDP divided by resource consumption) to achieve more economic output while keeping resource use low. It also wants to increase the degree of circularity to 18% and reduce household resource consumption by 10%.

“With the circular economy strategy, we will position Austria as a leading industrial location for high-quality, resource-saving and low-CO2 production,” she stressed.

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EurActiv, 8 Dec 2022: Austria green lights new strategy to reduce resource use