Berlin to create dedicated electricity price subsidy for heat pumps

(EurActiv, 17 Nov 2022) To meet the German target of six million heat pumps by 2030, upcoming government support for consumer gas and electricity bills will include a special provision for heat pumps so as not to upset those who already invested in them.

Heat pumps are a key clean heating technology and use electricity to concentrate ambient heat. The German government wants 500,000 a year installed between 2024 and 2030, resulting in a total of six million- bold numbers that require additional consideration to nurture the budding market/

“In the electricity price brake, we will create a special allowance for heat pumps that were installed in 2022,” explained Germany’s Robert Habeck, the green minister of economy and climate action, on 16 November following a heat pump summit in Berlin.

Faced with record energy prices, the German government is planning to ease the burden on households – which threatens to disadvantage the 230,000 heat pumps already installed.

While the exact details are subject to last-minute deliberations in Berlin, a block tariff of €0.4 per kilowatt-hour of electricity from January and €0.12 per kWh of fossil gas from spring applying to 80% of consumption in the previous year appears guaranteed – the entire consumer support scheme has a price tag of approximately €66 billion.

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EurActiv, 17 Nov 2022: Berlin to create dedicated electricity price subsidy for heat pumps