Biden and Xi unshackle Cop27 climate teams to formalise talks

(Climate Home News, 14 Nov 2022) The US and China are set to resume formal climate cooperation after their leaders Joe Biden and Xi Jinping held a four-hour late night meeting in Bali, Indonesia.

China had suspended climate talks after the leader of the US congress’s lower house, Nancy Pelosi, visited Taiwan in August. Beijing does not recognise the island democracy as an independent nation.

While the warmth of Bali did not thaw relations enough for a joint statement, both presidents agreed climate action was a priority.

The US government’s summary of the meeting said: “President Biden underscored that the United States and China must work together to address transnational challenges – such as climate change.”

The Chinese government’s summary said the two sides “agree to work together to promote the success of [Cop27]” and that climate change is one of their “common interests” and is “inseparable from the coordination and cooperation between China and the United States”.

Speaking to reporters afterwards, Biden described the meeting as “open and candid”. He said he was looking not for “conflict” but to “manage this competition responsibly” and to “work together where we can”.

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Climate Home News, 14 Nov 2022: Biden and Xi unshackle Cop27 climate teams to formalise talks