Boris Johnson under pressure to ensure green recovery in UK

(The Guardian, 4 Jun 2020) Campaigners and Prince of Wales urge government to prioritise low-carbon solutions to economic fallout of coronavirus.

Boris Johnson and his cabinet are coming under increasing pressure to ensure the economic stimulus helps to shift the UK to a low-carbon future, as green campaign groups set out their demands and the Prince of Wales weighed in on the need for a green recovery.

The prime minister has given vague assurances that the economic recovery will be “sustainable”, but despite urging from the government’s statutory advisers, there has been little detail so far on how green measures could be used to stimulate the economy.

Greenpeace published its manifesto for a green recovery on Wednesday, calling for investment in cleaner transport; renewable energy and a smart grid for electricity; refurbishing buildings to improve their energy efficiency and move to low-carbon heating and cooling; reducing waste and improving recycling; and protecting nature and wildlife, especially through restoring degraded habitats.

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The Guardian, 4 Jun 2020: Boris Johnson under pressure to ensure green recovery in UK