Brazil's Lula hopes to unite rainforest nations, tap cash at COP27

(Eco Business, 7 Nov 2022) Brazil's President-elect Lula is expected to use the COP27 climate summit to accelerate efforts to form an alliance of big tropical forest countries and ramp up conservation finance.

A new alliance of rainforest nations - sought by Brazil’s President-elect Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva - could be key to unlocking conservation funding and bolstering a flagging global forest pact at the COP27 climate summit, environmentalists say.

Before narrowly winning Brazil’s run-off election vote on Oct. 30, Lula began reaching out to Indonesia and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) about forming a united front of tropical forest countries, according to a top aide of the leftist leader.

As the COP27 UN climate summit - taking place in Egypt from Nov. 6-18 - began, green groups urged Brazil and other forest nations to team up to increase their bargaining power during talks with potential donors over rainforest protection.

“An alliance of countries such as Brazil, Indonesia and the DRC - who all face similar threats - can put pressure on richer countries to accelerate efforts to stop deforestation,” said Annisa Rahmawati, head of Indonesian conservation group Satya Bumi, noting Lula’s pledge to put forest protection at the heart of his economic plans and policies.

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Eco Business, 7 Nov 2022: Brazil's Lula hopes to unite rainforest nations, tap cash at COP27