Brussels unveils ‘action plan’ to accelerate electricity grid roll-out

(EurActiv, 28 Nov 2023) The European Commission unveiled an action plan on Tuesday (28 November) to accelerate the roll-out of electricity grids and remove bottlenecks hampering the deployment of renewable energies at the local level.

The Action Plan aims to ensure electricity grids are deployed faster and digitalised to accelerate the transition to renewables.

Across the EU, “waiting time for permits for grid reinforcements are between 4-10 years, and 8-10 years for high voltages,” the Commission said in its new plan.

Probably the biggest challenge relates to Europe’s ageing local distribution grids, which are coming under increased pressure due to growing numbers of households connecting electric vehicles, heat pumps, and solar panels to the grid.

In total, the Commission estimates that €584 billion in investments will be necessary for electricity grids by 2030, with the majority going into local distribution networks to make them “digital, monitored in real-time, remotely controllable and cybersecure”.

“Grids need to be an enabler, not a bottleneck in the clean energy transition,” said Kadri Simson, the EU’s energy commissioner. “That way we can integrate the vast amounts of renewables, electric vehicles, heat pumps and electrolysers that are needed to decarbonise our economy,” she added in a statement.

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EurActiv, 28 Nov 2023: Brussels unveils ‘action plan’ to accelerate electricity grid roll-out