Bulgaria wants €33 billion to start implementing the Green Deal

(EurActiv, 28 Feb 2020) Bulgaria says it needs €33 billion to start meeting the main goals of the EU Green Deal over the next 10 years. The figure comes from government numbers seen by EURACTIV Bulgaria, which are yet to be presented to the European Commission.

Sofia has outlined several red lines in its future talks with Brussels. These are part of a negotiation framework to be used in Green Deal talks. An “absolute red line” is setting a more ambitious target for reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

The Commission is pushing for a more ambitious target of cutting CO2 emissions by between 50% and 55% compared to 1990. Bulgaria insists it will not accept a target that is higher than the current 40%.

Replacing coal with nuclear energy

Bulgaria is on track to be one of the most severely affected by the decarbonisation of the EU economy. The Eastern European country accounts for 7% of the coal used in the EU and 8% of the jobs in the EU’s coal sector.

The transition from coal to alternative fuels alone is estimated at more than €20 billion over the next ten years.

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EurActiv, 28 Feb 2020: Bulgaria wants €33 billion to start implementing the Green Deal