California governor signs $15 bln package to tackle climate change

(Reuters, 24 Sep 2021) The largest climate package in the state's history - to fund efforts focused on drought, extreme heat, water and wildfire preparedness - comes after a devastating fire season.

California Governor Gavin Newsom has signed a $15 billion package that will fund programs to tackle drought and climate change in the state after a devastating wildfire season.

Newsom signed 24 bills focused on climate and clean energy efforts, droughts, and wildfire preparedness, his office said in a statement on Thursday, describing the funding as the largest climate package in California's history.

The package's largest portion, $5.2 billion, will go towards funding for emergency drought relief projects and expanding California's water supplies. The package includes $3.7 billion to address climate change risks, investing in projects that will mitigate extreme heat and tackle the threat of rising sea levels.

About $1.5 billion will go toward preventing wildfire risk in forests, according to the statement from Newsom's office.

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Reuters, 24 Sep 2021: California governor signs $15 bln package to tackle climate change