Can solar power solve Lebanon's energy crisis?

(Reuters, 25 Oct 2021) Lebanon's total solar power is set to double this year. Can it solve the country's decades-old energy crisis?

With cuts to state-run electricity in Lebanon at an all-time high and expensive diesel for back-up generators in short supply, an increasing number of Lebanese citizens are turning to solar energy to keep the lights on.

Here is what caused Lebanon's energy crisis and the growing role of solar power in solving the issue:What's at the root of the power crisis?

Lebanon's power supply has been unreliable since a 1975-1990 civil war and has drastically worsened over a two-year economic crisis, with rolling blackouts now a regular feature of life. The government is short of money to import fuel for the state electricity company and diesel for private generators, while plans to build a new power plant have been held up by political infighting.

Are more people switching to solar?

Private installations have brought almost 100MW of solar online in the past decade, said Pierre El Khoury, head of the Lebanese Center for Energy Conservation, a state-affiliated organisation that oversee renewable energy.

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Reuters, 25 Oct 2021: Can solar power solve Lebanon's energy crisis?