Canada’s climate change election – cheat sheet

(Climate Change News, 18 Oct 2019) Scandal-hit Justin Trudeau has put climate action at the centre of his re-election pitch. What are his Liberals, and their opponents, promising?

Canadians will vote on Monday in an election observers say will define the country’s climate future.

Climate policy has played a bigger role than ever before in the lead up to a federal election. Against an backdrop of mass demonstrations for climate action, all major parties have been keen to reaffirm their commitment to the Paris Agreement.

Hit by a racism scandal in which he was exposed for wearing blackface on at least three occasions, prime minister Justin Trudeau has pivoted to environmental issues.

The question in front of voters is how and how fast should their government decarbonise the country’s economy?

Canada has committed to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 30% below 2005 levels by 2030 but it is not on track to meet its goal.

At the heart of the debate is Canada’s carbon tax. Introduced in 2016 by Trudeau’s Liberal government.

During his campaign for re-election, Trudeau has been pressured by the main opposition Conservatives to scrap the tax and accused on the left of failing to have put the country on course to meet its 2030 target. Trudeau has bet his survival on navigating between them.

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Climate Change News, 18 Oct 2019: Canada’s climate change election – cheat sheet