Cities are a big part of the climate problem. They can also be a big part of the solution

(Inside Climate News, 8 Oct 2022) A new guide lists 1,000 things they can do. Also, West Virginia’s “lost decade,” young Aussies’ blind spot and neighbors talking climate in central Pennsylvania.

Three-quarters of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions come from cities. That makes sense given that more than half of the world’s people live in cities, a number that is expected to grow to 70 percent by mid-century. Urban centers are expected to sprout and spread in the coming decades to make space for these changing demographics. 

A new guide for city leaders aims to help make these transitions more climate friendly. Created by the Solar Impulses Foundation and its founder, Bertrand Piccard, an explorer and environmentalist known for circumnavigating the globe in a solar-powered plane, the Solutions for Cities guide will be unveiled in full at COP27 in Egypt next month and offers climate solutions that are relevant and doable for cities. 

“Cities are a source of pollution, but they are also a source of action,” Piccard said. “Because you have power that is concentrated in the cities with mayors, with citizens, with public authorities, who can have direct action on the situation.”

The report offers solutions from the Solar Impulses Foundation list of more than 1,000 innovations that are meaningful for solving climate change without compromising economic growth. The report offers solutions in five categories relevant to city leaders: buildings and construction, energy generation, mobility, waste management and water. 

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Inside Climate News, 8 Oct 2022: Cities are a big part of the climate problem. They can also be a big part of the solution