Climate Home’s five must-read climate change stories from 2022

(Climate Home News, 15 Dec 2022) In 2022, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine broke energy markets around the world, one third of Pakistan was submerged by unprecedented floods and US-China tensions put climate cooperation in suspense.

Climate Home News reported on major events – including world-changing elections, clashes between major economies and climate negotiations – while digging deeper into mysteries and underreported issues.

Here are five of our must-read stories from 2022, on the international dimensions of the climate crisis and the complications of addressing it. Keep up to date with our news, investigations and analysis by subscribing to our weekly newsletter. 

1. Crypto bubble: The hype behind a $70,000 carbon credit

Early in the year, the sale of a single carbon credit for an eyewatering $70,000 at auction caught Chloé Farand’s eye. At the time, millions of credits from the same project were selling on the market for less than $20 each.

Who would pay such a premium? The answer lay in a cryptocurrency venture called Save Planet Earth and a community of investors convinced it was the next big thing.

Unfortunately, their faith was unfounded. SPE claimed it had contracts to plant 1.1 billion trees in Pakistan, Sri Lanka and the Maldives, but was not able to back this up – and experts on the ground said it was not credible.

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Climate Home News, 15 Dec 2022: Climate Home’s five must-read climate change stories from 2022