Climate lawyer loses supreme court appeal over Heathrow leak

(The Guardian, 20 Dec 2021) Tim Crosland was found in contempt for prematurely revealing court’s decision on third runway.

A lawyer and climate campaigner who leaked the result of a supreme court ruling on the Heathrow airport expansion has lost an appeal against a contempt of court finding.

Tim Crosland, the director of environmental campaign group Plan B Earth, was found in contempt of court for prematurely revealing the court’s decision on Heathrow’s third runway 22 hours before it was made public in December 2020.

The lawyer, from Elephant and Castle in south London, previously described breaking an embargo on the judgment as “an act of civil disobedience”.

In May, three supreme court justices found Crosland in contempt of court for his “deliberate and calculated breaches” and fined him £5,000, as well as ordering him to pay costs of £15,000.

Crosland challenged the contempt finding at a hearing in October, arguing that the judges failed to consider his “intentions, motivations and belief” when breaching the embargo.

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The Guardian, 20 Dec 2021: Climate lawyer loses supreme court appeal over Heathrow leak